How can I speed up my slow PC?

The fastest way to speed up your computer is to increase the memory (RAM). We strongly recommend upgrading your PC if you have less than 1 GB installed for XP and Microsoft Office and 2Gb minimum for windows 7 or Vista with Office.

To find out how much RAM you have before you upgrade Right-click the My Computer and left-click Properties inside the General tab listed at the bottom is the amount of RAM in Gigabytes or Megabytes.

Memory is a lot cheaper than it used to be – to speed up your computer an upgrade never usually costs over £80. Give Nexus your local PC Repair company in Gerrards Cross Buckinghamshire for a quote today on 01753 884700.

Remove unnecessary files

To repair your PC and clear out temporary files to speed things up first click on Start, Programs, Accessories, System Tools and then run the Disk Cleanup utility.

Run a Defrag to speed up data access

Open My computer and select the drive you have windows installed on, right click and select properties, click Tools and click Defragment Now.

Sometimes if your machine is running slow it could be hardware related such as over heating or component failure. Other causes are likely to be virus related or hard drive bad sectors.

For a free checkup from your local PC Repair / PC Upgrade Company in Gerrards Cross, Buckinghamshire call Nexus on 01753 884700

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