Hottest Applications for New iPad Retina Screen

With the release of its latest incarnation of the popular iPad, Apple has once again positioned itself at the forefront of the tablet market. Featuring improved processing speeds, the ability to access high-speed LTE data connections, and vastly ameliorated camera resolutions, the new iPad is truly a technology wonder. Perhaps the most exciting feature of the new iPad, however, is the high-resolution retina screen.

The new screen features more than twice the pixels of those found on previous devices. This means users are privy to an unparalleled experience, unlike that found on any other tablet available. Updating existing applications to take advantage of these graphic capabilities takes time and resources, so many developers are still scrambling to get the work done. Others have managed to release new versions of their applications that look great on the iPad’s screen. The following apps are some of the standouts:

Apple’s Proprietary Apps

From “Pages” and “Keynote” to “iPhoto” and “iMovie,” it comes as no surprise that Apple has taken the time to update all of its applications for the new device. The improved screen lets users take advantage of high-resolution photo and movie editing, while allowing professionals to expertly edit documents and presentations on the go. “Remote” has even been updated for a more enjoyable user experience on the new iPad.

“Angry Birds Space HD”

Apple was quick to point out that the newest version of the iPad includes features that make it an ideal tablet for gamers. “Angry Birds” is no doubt one of the most popular game titles ever released on iOS, and new users will likely flock to the “Angry Birds Space HD” app in great number. This beautiful game looks gorgeous on the new display, with colors and scenarios popping like never before.

“Newsstand” for iPad

The press has been quick to release applications for tablet devices, hoping to cash in on digital versions of popular newspapers. Digital papers are less expensive to release for the masses, and many customers have shown signs of shifting their preferences from paper. Nevertheless, not all applications created to showcase newspapers and magazines are created equally. Newstand which now takes advantage of the beautiful retina display on the iPad. Users can scroll through high-definition videos and images, while text itself renders more clearly on the new device. All of these attributes may just encourage even the most stubborn proponents of paper newspapers to make the switch to reading on the iPad.

As developers work to get their applications updated for the new iPad, users can expect to see many more applications populating the App Store. For the time being, these are some of the best contenders for applications that blow the user away with an exceptional viewing experience. In the meantime, iPad users can also use applications developed for earlier versions of the device. Though they won’t look as nice as new applications, they nevertheless remain functional on all iPads.


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