Your dream home where your tech just works

If you’re experiencing frustration in the following areas with your home or perhaps you’ve just moved premises and need all of your equipment set up and reconfigured, then you should definitely call Nexus.

We can help with:

WiFi signal strength (Allowing you to get online and access the internet no matter what room you’re in)

Connectivity (Printing, scanning, sharing)

Home Lighting (Control your home from your phone or tablet. Lights turn on and off automatically or at your request. You can even change the colour to suit your mood… We would pick bright yellow if it was up to us!)

Heating (Control your heating from your phone, computer or tablet. Helps make your home energy efficient as it has smart technology which knows when you’re away. You can even set the heating to come on when you wake up or arrive home)

Home Security – CCTV & Fire / CO2 (Protect your family from fire and theft with a good CCTV system which stores your data off-site. Smart fire alarms notify you on your phone when you’re not at home and test themselves daily)

Syncing Devices (iPhones, iPads, Computers, Laptops, Tablets)

Speed (Achieving the fastest available speed through your home and provider)

Streaming TV (E.G Netflix and Apple TV. No need to miss out on all the shows everyone is talking about!)

Sonos / Sound System (Wake up to your favourite radio station and come home to your personalised playlist)
How do you get there?

With the right equipment, WiFi boosters and cabling we can make your dream network become a reality. It really doesn’t have to be a nightmare anymore!

Our specialist certified technicians at Nexus have gained the experience and knowledge of setting up the best available system in your home. We have worked in many homes over the years, from small to large and in a range of different locations from urban to rural areas. So even if you’re in an area which has poor signal we can still help you. Basically we understand what works best!

We ensure that we’re always up to date with the latest technology on the market. We’ve invested time to learn which products work best so that we can pass this onto you.

We believe that a home network that just works and simply does what it says on the tin shouldn’t have to feel like a dream away.

Leave it to us to sort out everything for you.

How it works – 3 simple steps:

1) We arrange a *free of charge consultation site visit. We will check over your current home network system and discuss everything you want to achieve in regards to your network

2) Following our visit we will then provide you with our recommendations on how to improve your network. All of our quotes are broken down so that its simple, clear and understandable. That way you know exactly what our proposal is and if you need to talk through anything we are always more than happy to do so.
3) We arrange to visit and carry out the installation. The end result is a very happy customer and a satisfied Nexus. We love seeing the completed project just as much as you, the customer.

Contact us today on 01753 884700 to arrange your consultation.
*If you’re based in Gerrards Cross or are local we currently do not charge for an initial consultation site visit.

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