Help with Apple MacBook and Blackberry Sync

Hi Nexus

Just wondering if you might be able to help with a problem I’ve had when trying to back up info from my blackberry to my MacBook laptop.

Essentially I’ve lost a load of data that was on my laptop a few days ago and wonder if it can be retrieved by running a disc scan on my laptop? The guys at the apple shop genius bar have been unable to help but I still think the info could be on the hard disc somewhere as another IT expert was able to retrieve some lost data from our PC a few years ago by running a special programme.

Is this something you might be able to help with?

I’m sure we can help you! Are you local to us? Might be worth bringing it in for us to have a quick look at we can then quote accordingly. I have recovered erased data before so as long a you haven’t done a secure empty trash it is very possible we can get it back for you. Feel free to call our Gerrards Cross office on 01753 884700

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