Help, My Laptop Screen Is Blank!

Have you ever sat down to get started working only to find that when you turn your computer screen on, it’s blank?  You shut it down it and restart it to no avail.  It may seem like something is terribly wrong, but often it’s a quick fix.

These tips may help you identify your laptop’s problem and fix your black or blank screen:

  1. Disconnect peripherals.  While troubleshooting your laptop, always disconnect devices such as your external mouse or flash drives.
  2. Connect your laptop to the power cable.  Many times a laptop that is run on battery power appears blank simply because the battery has run down.
  3. Check your power setting.  If the picture is partially visible, it may be that your brightness or power settings have been tampered with.  Increase the brightness level to ensure that this is not causing your problem.
  4. Check the external display.  Try hooking up a monitor or other display device to the laptop.  If the picture is good, then will know that your video adapter is not faulty.
  5. Remove the battery.  Before trying this tactic, disconnect you laptop from the power cable.  Then remove the battery.  Once removed, wait for at least a minute then reinsert the battery.  Plug into the power source and try to start your laptop.

If after exhausting these measures your laptop still fails to boot properly, it’s likely that a critical component within the laptop has failed.  Short of purchasing a new unit, you could contact your laptop’s manufacturer if it’s still in warranty.

If you need help with a laptop or laptop screen repair call Nexus IT Support & Repair in Gerrards Cross 01753 884700 or Beaconsfield 01494 730120.


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