The Heartbleed Bug

It has recently emerged that a huge internet security flaw may have exposed online users’ personal data, including passwords, to hackers over the past 2 years.

The Heartbleed Bug exists in OpenSSL, a piece of open-source software that encrypts communication between a computer and a web server. Approximately two-thirds of every website on the internet uses OpenSSL, so for there to be a flaw could be potentially devastating. The bug allows anyone to read the memory of any system using the flawed versions of OpenSSL. This means anyone can access and steal your data, spy on your communications and even impersonate you online.

You’re likely to be affected by this bug. OpenSSL is the most popular open-source software online – chances are you use a website that has been affected, be that a social network, a recreational site, or even a website you use to represent your company.

Users have been advised to change their passwords on a number of popular websites. Around half a million sites are thought to have been affected, and you can see which websites you should change your password for by clicking here.

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