Having Trouble With BT Email? Some Helpful Tips…

Having problems with BT email? – You’re not the only one!

We’ve had many reports of users experiencing difficulty retrieving emails from BT Connect and BT Openworld.

From our experience, BT services only allow one PC, computer, laptop, Apple Mac, iPad or iPhone to be connected at any given time. This can be tricky since we are all increasing our use of email on the go – and usually from more than one device!

So how can you fix the problem? Here are some tips & solutions:

–        Log in to your BT account online – this seems to reset your account if the connection has been blocked, once again allowing connection to your email from your other devices.

–        Set your devices to check for mail less often – if your devices are running a ‘send and receive’ every 15 minutes or set to ‘push’ (meaning it’s constantly connected) it’s more than likely that 2 or more of your devices are attempting connect at one time, and thus causing the problem.

–        Move your accounts to Google Mail or Hotmail – this can feel like a drastic change, however, moving to another provider is a sure fix. You can call BT and ask them to forward your email to your new address, or set this up on your account once you’ve logged in to webmail.


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