GX Shops and Businesses will benefit from a free website

Are you looking for a local business in Gerrards Cross?

Soon enough it couldn’t be easier….

”The Community card is currently a scheme run by the Community Association, whereby some businesses offer discounts to card holders. We are proposing to expand this scheme, in conjunction with a Gerrards Cross website, where offers could be updated at any time, and data could be captured for the benefit of all.”

The local trade association are currently developing a website to list all of the Gerrards Cross businesses to help promote the businesses in the local area with out any cost to the business community.

Consumers that are shopping locally will be able to save money around Gerrards Cross with participating shops and service companies in our town online and through a local community card.

If you’re interested in including your business in the scheme or have any questions please email the Gerrards Cross Traders Association traders@gxtraders.co.uk .

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