Give your computer a shine this summer!!!

We don’t often think about what we put our computers through; we make them work like never ending robots. Over a period of time they do eventually start to slow down and cause us users a huge amount of problems, but this year Nexus will take care of your computer worries so that you can enjoy your summer.

So is your computer feeling a bit DULL this summer? Want to give it a SHINE?

This summer at Nexus we are offering to give your machine the kick it needs to shine this summer. we are offering a PC tune up where we will run numerous amounts of programs to clear up the inside of your machine, now that takes care of the inside, but don’t worry we’ve got the outside covered too, alongside this we will clean up the outside of your computer, hardware wise to make sure its dust free and shines during your summer all this can be done for just £60 +vat.

We will also be offering a FREE 20 minute look at your whole system from hardware to software, analysing your computer from each corner and will be giving you a summary of what we found and how it could be improved.

If you like the sound of this and you think your computer needs that extra kick, give our team a call on 01753 884700.

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