Gadgets to keep you warm through winter!

With the chilly temperatures approaching imminently it won’t be long until it feels like the artic has hit! Once winter makes an appearance we can find ourselves curled up on the sofa not wanting to move, shivering in bed at night and struggling to wake in the mornings! Thankfully there are some great gadgets to keep you warm throughout those cold wintery months.

Nest £199

Nest Thermostat

The Nest thermostat adapts to you. This sophisticated energy efficient device recognises when you’re at home adjusting energy usage accordingly.

You have complete control of the temperature from wherever you are. Simply download the Nest app on your mobile or laptop to take control remotely.

Nest automatically adjusts energy consumption to your routine. As you alter the temperature it gradually learns your schedule and creates one for you. Additionally, the Auto-Away function modifies the temperature once you leave the house.

With Nest you can select the temperature ideal for your home and Nest will ensure that temperature stays consistent. If the temperature drops Nest will turn on the heating to reheat the home until the set temperature is reached.

Thanks to Nest you can feel great waking up to warmth in the mornings!

Zippo hand warmer £22.90

Zippo hand warmer

Not only is this a must-have, it’s also a great stocking filler! Perfect for the commute to work, skiing / snowboarding trips or any excuse for when you’re outdoors. Available in a range of different colours, pick the perfect colour for you.

The Zippo hand warmers provide up to 12 hours of consistent heat. Their sleek design makes them great for sliding into any pocket – and are refillable so you can use them on your outdoor adventures for years to come.

Narwhal Heated Slippers £34.99 from Firebox

Narwhal Heated Slippers

Keep your toes toasty this winter with these marvelous heated slippers! The cute design is enough for some to fall in love but the added bonus is that they contain internal USB-powered foot warmers. They give up to 6 hours of warmth after being charged.

Aroma Home Click and Heat Ear Muffs £12.99 approx

Aroma Home Click and Heat Ear Muffs

These charming ear muffs available in different designs (panda, fox, owl, bear and rabbit) contain reusable click and heat gel pads which stay warm for approximately 30 minutes.

These super soft ear muffs will keep your ears warm and snug when they need it most!


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