Funny, rude and light up Christmas Jumpers

We call them Christmas Jumpers but in the US they’re known as Ugly Christmas Sweaters!

Christmas Jumper Day takes place on Friday 14th December 2018.

Have you bought your Christmas jumper yet?

Whether you’re searching for a jumper to wear over the festive season or hunting one down to wear in the office we have you covered!

Remember to order early as they’re extremely popular and sell out fast!

Here are the ultimate Christmas jumpers to get your hands on for this Christmas Jumper Day 2018. There is a mixture of light up Christmas jumpers as well as funny ones and some that are a bit rude!

Your work colleagues will certainly find these Christmas jumpers amusing and if your place of work is choosing a winner for the best Christmas jumper, well, you’d certainly stand a great chance of winning with one of these!

If you’re short then you’ll certainly look the part in this green elf Christmas jumper.

You could take things a step further and wear a full Christmas costume. This outfit will get heads turning as you enter the room on Santa’s shoulders!

Whether you like Christmas pudding or not you’ll certainly look a treat with this adorable Christmas pudding outfit. We know it’s not a jumper but if you want to stand out from the rest consider this as an option.

Bare all with this hilarious, revealing Christmas jumper:

Pair up with a pal and share a 2-person Christmas jumper. There’s only one downside, you will have to tag along with your jumper partner the entire day!

If you’re looking for a rude Christmas jumper then this one might be for you:

If you’re not a fan of quirky Christmas jumpers you could go for something bland and boring like this Tesco value Christmas jumper. Expect plenty of comments if you wear this!

If you love gaming then why not incorporate a bit of PlayStation? This jumper has console symbol prints as part of the design.

Are you a fan of Christmas turkey? Check out this light up Christmas jumper:

This Rudolph light up Christmas jumper really does have a very shiny nose! Rudolph’s flashing nose will put a smile on everyone’s faces.

If you have a lot of meetings and need to remain formal there’s always a Christmas suit option. The vibrant prints will make you feel very festive.

If you’re not keen on wearing a Christmas suit or a Christmas jumper, perhaps you just want to jazz up your standard work shirt with a Christmas tie instead:

Here’s a Christmas jumper with Jesus on the front:

If you’re brave enough to dress from head to toe why not choose this funny Christmas cracker outfit? Movement may be quite restricted but very amusing for everyone around you!

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