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In the UK, one burglary is committed every 40 seconds, and 57% of them occur when someone is at home. These are statistics that cannot be ignored, and it’s important to consider the security of you and those around you.

In Buckinghamshire, in October alone, there were reportedly 328 burglaries – 100 more than the previous month. You may think you’re safe, but research shows that 73% of burglars in the UK use the door for access, despite the door being open only 3% of the time. Burglars are often skilled at infiltrating secure areas, so it’s vital to be mindful of the safety of your home and your neighbourhood.

Here at Nexus, we may not be able to guarantee that your home is constantly secure, but we can help to get your laptop or mobile device back if you’re unfortunate enough to fall victim to theft.

If you live in the Buckinghamshire area and are worried about your security, we have the solution for you. Prey is a piece of open-source software that allows you to track your laptop, phone or tablet if it goes missing or is stolen. Downloading the software and registering your devices means you can keep track of your device’s location, and it has a number of security alerts to help hunt down your missing items.

Let’s say your laptop is stolen. You can simply log in to the software and turn on ‘geolocation’ which uses the laptop’s GPS to accurately track down its location. You can also take a screen shot using your laptop’s webcam, which may be able to catch out the culprit. The software even allows you to fully lock down your computer to deny all unwanted access.

Prey Project

Christmas is a time when burglary will be at its highest, so now is the time to act. Prey is a fantastic way to secure your electronics, and here at Nexus, we’re offering to install it and register your devices completely free of charge. This will give you the peace of mind that at a time of panic and vulnerability, your laptop, mobile or tablet can be retrieved safely and returned to its rightful owner – you.

Call 01753 884 700 and book an appointment to come in and see us. We’ll install it for you straight away and you can go home, safe in the knowledge that you’re secure.

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