How to fix slow Wi-Fi. We list the best ways to improve your Wi-Fi

Having a robust home Wi-Fi network has never been more important. The proliferation of smartphones, tablets and other devices has put more strain on existing wireless networks, and the emergence of connected home appliances and the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) will only make things worse.

In the face of all these challenges, it is important to make sure your existing Wi-Fi network is running as efficiently as possible. There are things you can do to speed up your home Wi-Fi network, so you can enjoy all those great devices and the security of a wired home. Here are some timely tips to speed up your Wi-Fi network and keep it running at peak efficiency.

Power Down Your Unused Devices

How to fix slow Wi-Fi. We list the best ways to improve your Wi-Fi

You probably have a lot of devices in your home, and each one of them comes with a built-in Wi-Fi signal. Those devices will connect to your Wi-Fi network whether you are using them or not, and that excess use could cause bottlenecks that slow the network down.

Make it a habit to power down your devices when they are on the charger, and when you are not using them. You will free up bandwidth on your Wi-Fi network, and that should make the devices you are using a bit faster.

Make Sure No One Else is Using Your Signal

How to fix slow Wi-Fi. We list the best ways to improve your Wi-Fi

If your Wi-Fi network is not properly secured, the neighbours (and others) could be tapping in.

Are you curious that you have unwanted guests connecting to your network? Here’s signs that your neighbours are stealing your Wi-Fi!

If your network slows to a crawl just as the neighbors get home, the two events could be related, but you will not know until you check.

Apps like Who Is On My WiFi and Fing can show you a list of connected devices, so you can track down any Wi-Fi thieves and lock them out. If you do see unauthorised users on your network, you need to update your security credentials right away.

Update Your Firmware

Hopefully, you are already updating your software and patching your operating system, but when was the last time you upgraded the firmware on your wireless router? If you cannot remember the last time, your router is probably overdue for an update.

You can find the latest firmware updates by typing your router’s IP address into a web browser and entering your security credentials. Keeping the firmware updated can increase the efficiency of your router, but it can also improve your security.

If you’re looking to replace your router we recommend the DrayTek Vigor Wireless Router.

Look for Sources of Interference

How to fix slow Wi-Fi. We list the best ways to improve your Wi-Fi

If you have an older router, common household appliances – like cordless phones and microwave ovens – could create interference and weaken the signals that reach your devices. To find these potential sources of interference, just grab a handheld device and walk around your home.

Note the places where the Wi-Fi signal is stronger, and the spots where it drops off completely. Do you lose your connection when you walk by the microwave? Does the signal pick up again when you walk away? You may need to shift a few things around, or even move your router, but the result will be a stronger Wi-Fi signal and a reduction in dropped signals.

It has never been more important to have a robust wireless network in your home, but the demands on that network are higher than ever. What’s more, those Wi-Fi demands will only increase in the future. If you think your Wi-Fi network is slow now, just wait until your refrigerator, your stove and even your kitchen sink can get online. Now is the time to beef up your Wi-Fi network, so you can be ready for the wireless future to come.

Install WiFi Boosters

Installing Apple Airport Extreme’s will dramatically boost the Wi-Fi in your house. Depending on the size and layout of your house will depend on how many Apple Airport Extremes are needed to cover the area. We specialise in network installations so should you require expert advice on improving your Wi-Fi within your home or office contact us today to book an appointment.

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