FBI warns that FaceApp poses a threat

The FBI has said that FaceApp, along with other mobile apps which have been developed in Russia, pose a potential counterintelligence threat.

FaceApp is a face editing app which has rocketed with popularity. The purpose of the app is to make you look older or younger.

The FaceApp application was developed by a company in St Petersburg, Wireless Lab. Although the company has previously stated it doesn’t store images permanently nor does it collect troves of data, it remains a concern.

An investigation into the app was launched following privacy concerns, Chuck Schumer called for an investigation into FaceApp back in July. There’s fears it could pose “national security and privacy risks for millions of US citizens”.

In response to Chuck Schumer, in a letter, the FBI stated that it considers “any mobile application or similar product developed in Russia, such as FaceApp, to be a potential counterintelligence threat, based on the data the product collects”.

There are increasing security risk concerns regarding products created by foreign tech companies.
The FBI declared it would take action if it found any evidence of foreign political interfering via the application.

In other recent news, TikTok, a Chinese owned social-media video sharing platform, with an estimated half a billion users has burst in popularity in recent years. The rise in its popularity has caused apprehension in Western markets due to its Chinese ownership.

In October, US lawmakers, including Chuck Schumer requested that “the intelligence community conduct an assessment of the national security risks posed by TikTok and other China-owned content platforms in the US”.

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