Experience Dinner in the Dark in London

Are you seeking something new, different or exciting to try over the weekend?

This unforgettable dining experience is something which everyone should be encouraged to try whether you visit with colleagues, friends, family or a loved one.

Can you envisage dining in complete darkness?

As you enter a ‘Dans le Noir?’ restaurant you will dine in total darkness, being hosted and served by the visually impaired. It will change your perspective of the world by inverting your point of view.

An experience which truly awakens your senses

When you participate in this incredible experience you’re taken on a journey whereby your other senses appear much stronger because you cannot visualise others or portray yourself through body language. Your listening and hearing skills become much stronger as you try to emphasize yourself through speech rather than visually.

As you pick up food from your plate you’ve no idea what item you’ve chosen and as you begin to re-evaluate by smell and tasting the food your taste buds are put to work gauging what it is.

A unique experience which allows you to dive into your imagination to rediscover your senses and meet others.

The restaurant is situated in the heart of London:

30-31 Clerkenwell Green, EC1R 0DU

Your food orders are taken by the welcoming staff in the lit area before you enter the main room.

This place brings a lot of interesting questions to your mind in a fun and surprising environment.

Many find this extraordinary experience overwhelming and touching but you will definitely encounter an unforgettable time, which you will want to share and tell others. Book now to get involved and find out what you think.

You can also visit one of the Dans le Noir restaurants in Paris, Barcelona or St Petersburgh.

If you’ve already been to a dinner in the dark we’d love to hear your thoughts below!

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