Mail scam: Beaconsfield, Chalfonts, Gerrards Cross

Recently we’ve had a number of machines brought into us as an email scam has spread across family, friends and colleagues in the local area.

Virus Removal, Gerrards Cross, Chalfont st Peter, Chalfont ST Giles, Beaconsfield.

The Email has no subject and is filled with content very similar to the following:
Your Name
4/4/2012 6:01:27 AM

This scam preys on curiosity. If you open the link received in the email your web browser will open a page with:

You are here because one of your friends have invited you

to try our free trial.

Hurry up! Limited quantity available!

We try to be helpful for you.

Page loading, please wait….

Sometimes after this you are re-directed to a login page for your web email account. This is a fake site used to steal your personal information and then send on the emails to others in your contacts.

If you see anything suspicious from a contact we strongly recommend you contact them by phone and delete the email if it has not been sent from them. If you have been the victim of this we strongly suggest you change your password for you’re email account and run the appropriate virus scans.

We always recommend seeing a professional if you think or know you have a virus on your PC Computer or Laptop. Although virus removal can be done by yourself , viruses are designed to be crafty; there could be hidden remnants of your computer virus even though you think you have removed it.

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