Don’t Be a Victim of Drive By Downloads

Drive-bys used to be only associated with gangsters and terrorists hanging out of cars with weapons.

But now there’s a new drive-by – the download. They’re so affective it’s becoming common place for hackers. It can happen to you at any time and their use is increasing as it can make criminals big bucks!

So what is a computer Drive By and how does it happen?

Stage 1 – Entry Point

A user with an outdated computer visits a website that has been compromised.

Stage 2 – Distribution

The website being visited secretly loads another website page.

Stage 3 – Exploit

The other page redirects to another webpage that has an exploit (Software that targets an outdated version of Java, Adobe or Web Browser).

Stage 4 – Infection

If an exploit is successful, the malware is installed into your computer!

Stage 5- Execution

They take your money – Malware such as Zbot can access your online banking and emails. Ransomware can encrypt your data and ransom you to pay money.

The power of the Drive by is that you don’t need to be browsing anything you shouldn’t be, any site could be compromised.

How to protect yourself from a Drive By?

Multi layered security is our preferred option. This is how you can ensure you have maximum protection against the most recent risks. Always keep your software up to date by following the most recent updates.

We reccomend MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit to protect you at stage 3.

It will ensure your machine is patched and any known security holes are filled.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware to protect you at stage 4.

MalwareBytes is currently the most effective form of anti-malware on the market. This software bridges the gap between your anti-virus and this type of infection.

Backblaze to protect you from ransomware at stage 5.

Sometimes zero day exploits (exploits just found and compromised by hackers) can be so new they slip through the net of your anti-virus and anti-malware. It’s always wise to have a secure backup of your data should you be a victim of ransomware so you can recover your precious information and save thousands.


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