Defeating Spyware

Almost every computer user has had some interaction with spyware. And while those annoying pop-ups may infuriate you, they may also be the least of your troubles. Spyware can collects data about you and your computer use, monitor what you type, collect passwords, credit card information, e-mails you’ve written, and more.
Worse yet, spyware almost never occur in a single instance. If you have pop-up ads it is likely that you also have more spyware at work which you’re not seeing, but are still busy at work doing what they were programmed to do.

The Solution

Some spyware becomes so deeply rooted in your computer, even professional software cannot remove it, and a complete reinstall of your operating system may be necessary. However, a complete system reinstall of your system is a time intensive, complicated task. And while it will remove the spyware on your computer, there is no guarantee that it won’t be back again shortly afterwards without spyware protection.

PC Health Advisor

PC Health Advisor is the Swiss Army Knife of spyware removal. Not only does this program clean and scan your registry, it includes a driver update service, malware remover, and it even comes packed with security tools which can keep you secure on the internet. Because this is a premium software, it comes with a premium subscription option, which offers lifetime updates to protect you from the forever evolving spyware on the Internet.
To put it bluntly, PC Health Advisor is likely the best of its kind on the market.  Its optimization tools have the power of several different software packages all crammed into one, but because the interface is so easy to use, it feels like a one click solution to all of your problems.  Unfortunately, while you can download the free trial and get your system into working condition again, the trial does expire, and with it your protection.

Spyware Doctor

Spyware Doctor isn’t the all-in-one product that PC Health Advisor is, but if you’re just looking for a solution to your spyware pop-up troubles, it does the trick. Its greatest strength is that it prevents browser exploits from being utilized to install spyware on your computer, so if you’re not accidentally downloading the spyware yourself, this software can help you.
Unfortunately this product isn’t especially adept at removing some of the harder-to-smash spyware programs out there, and it may detect problems that it simply cannot remove more often than other programs. While it will definitely block those spyware pop-ups, it tends to be a resource hog, meaning every time it begins a scan, your computer will slow down.
While veteran computer users will probably want to steer clear of this software for its lack of sophisticated options and inability to remove some of the tougher spyware out there, if your problem isn’t a serious infection but only a few annoying adds and cookies, Spyware Doctor will get the job done.

iS3 STOPzilla

STOPzilla is the complete spyware package. It handles adware and the browser exploits that Spyware Doctor does, but it also has very strong detection and removal abilities. One scan of STOPzilla is so thorough that it will often identify threats to your computer that other spyware searches will miss entirely.
STOPzilla’s scans are also relatively short, lasting less than half an hour, but during which time your computer will be more or less unusable due to how many computing resources these scans require. Fortunately STOPzilla allows you to schedule scans at times you’ll be away from your computer, but it doesn’t have an option to throttle back the resource-hogging while you’re using it.
The selling point for this product is its amazing support team. If you have any problem, iS3 is available via e-mail, telephone, and even online chat. They offer video tutorials for more advanced problems, but still offer a fundamentally easy to use software program. STOPzilla does lack certain features; it does not scan emails or external storage devices like SD cards, so it is only effective at protecting you from threats originating from the Internet.


In short, any of these three options will be an excellent way to squash those annoying pop-up advertisements, and potentially root out the more dangerous threats that may be lurking behind them. Those with less severe spyware infestations will do fine with Spyware Doctor, while those who need more comprehensive protection and removal from a seriously infected machine might prefer STOPzilla or PC Health Advisor.

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