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In the 21st century, computers are a key part of professional and personal life. Computers perform complex calculations and analysis and make it possible to create elaborate documents that include text, graphics and even sound with a few keystrokes. Thanks to the Internet, it’s also possible to use your computer to communicate with people halfway around the world. But if your computer stops functioning, you have a real problem. Fortunately, a solution is as close as your telephone – call Nexus IT Support and Repairs, and we’ll find the problem and solve it.

We work with all computers – desktops and laptops, Macs and PCs. As a Microsoft Registered Partner, we are equipped to handle hardware and software related issues with your Windows-based computer. Nexus IT Support and Repairs have also recently joined the Apple Consultants Network, so Mac owners can trust us with their computers also.

Laptop Screen Repair

A cracked laptop screen can result from dropping your computer or from a hard object hitting your laptop screen. Whatever the cause, Nexus IT Support and Repairs will evaluate the damage and suggest the best solution. You can come by the shop or take advantage of the convenient pick up and drop off service. Either way, we will have you back up and running as soon as possible – with a functional laptop display.

Laptop Backlight Repair

A black or blank laptop screen or a dim laptop display may mean that your laptop screen needs to be replaced. Admittedly, that’s a major repair, but one that Nexus IT Support and Repairs can handle efficiently and with as little pain to your pocketbook as possible.  However, many times the solution is as simple as replacing the backlight, which is a much simpler and less expensive job. Let us evaluate your laptop and make the needed repairs to restore your laptop display to like-new status.

Computer Hard Drive Replacement and Cloning

Do you delete your photo files? Your favorite downloaded tunes? What about your email archives – surely there are messages that you can eliminate.  If you’re faced with the problem of insufficient space on your hard drive, questions like this are probably familiar to you. Nexus IT Support and Repairs can solve that problem with a new, more spacious hard drive that allows you to keep all your files.  Best of all, with our cloning service, getting a new hard drive doesn’t mean reinstalling your operating system from scratch, losing your “favorites” or reestablishing your “shortcuts.”  Your computer operates just the way it did before – only with more available space for your files.

Data Recovery

You always meant to establish a back up system for your data – someday. But you never got around to it, and now your hard drive has crashed, taking your data with it.  Or maybe you accidentally deleted a file that you meant to save.  Perhaps you’ve picked up a nasty virus or Trojan that has rendered your computer non operational. Whatever the cause, you’re understandably in a panic.

Relax.  Data recovery is one of the main specialties of Nexus IT Support and Repairs. We have a number of tools at our disposal to retrieve your irreplaceable files. Bring your computer in or take advantage of our free pickup service in Buckinghamshire, and odds are, we’ll have you up and running again in no time at all – with your data intact.

RAM Upgrades

If your computer is sluggish and unresponsive, running multiple programs can be a chore.  You may feel like pitching your computer out the window in frustration. However, the solution may be as simple as installing additional RAM in your computer. Especially if you’ve upgraded to the latest versions of Windows or Mac OS, your machine may simply not have enough RAM to drive the operating system and run your programs at the same time. Let us perform an upgrade and get your computer up to speed.

Other Repairs

If the power cuts out on your computer, you can lose hours of work. If your laptop battery won’t hold more than a few minutes worth of charge, you no longer have a laptop, but a very compact desktop computer. Nexus IT Support and Repairs can repair a faulty power cord on the spot. We can also obtain a replacement battery – and discard your spent battery in an environmentally responsible fashion.

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