My computer is getting hot and sometimes switches itself off. Do I need a new computer?

Do you rest your laptop or Apple Mac on the bed or the arm of your sofa? Most of us (whether we wish to admit this or not!) are actually guilty of this and did you know this is not good for your computer. Using your computer on a non-ventilated surface (especially for long periods of time) is not advised. Blocking the vents or tiny air passages on your machine can result in overheating and fan problems. It’s highly advised to use your machine on a flat surface (desk or table) to avoid these kinds of issues. If you feel your computer getting hot or making a noticeable noise then these symptoms usually point in the direction of over-heating or the fan itself. Sometimes it may just be that your fan is clogged up with dust particles and needs cleaning out. We specialise in fan replacements and repairs whether you have a laptop or Apple Mac our technicians are on hand to help.

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