Christmas Computer Setup – Give the Gift of Tech!

Thinking of buying a computer, laptop, iPad, Apple Mac or other techy device for a loved one this Christmas? Why not make it extra special and have it made ready to use – straight out of the box!*

Nexus IT Support and Repair can do just that; we offer a personalised setup service for all makes of PC, Laptop and Apple Mac, along with iPhones; PS3’s, Nintendo Wii’s and other consoles; network storage devices; televisions, and much more.

This includes all hardware, software, and networking setup you may require; we’ll make sure your device is fully protected with antivirus software; connected to your home or office network; equipped with all of your desired programs; set up with automatic data backup; and generally ready for use as soon as it’s unwrapped this Christmas.

So why not save your Christmas Day for mince pies, festive films, and relaxing with the family…and leave the time-consuming techy stuff to us!

Call us now on 01753 884 700 (Gerrards Cross office) or 01494 730 120 (Beaconsfield office) to speak to one of our friendly technicians about your Christmas computer setup requirements, or to book an appointment.

*People often underestimate the importance of preparing and protecting their new machine before testing out what it can do. But don’t let the excitement of your new gift get the better of your judgement; a few hours of setting things up properly is a small price to pay in comparison to getting a computer virus or being hacked before Boxing Day.

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