Why your business needs professional IT support

Companies who don’t have an in-house IT department should certainly have external IT support in place to keep systems maintained and for when both small and large IT problems arise. The last thing any business owner wants is for employees to be unable to work due to internal technical issues. It’s important to have an IT agreement in place with IT specialists you can rely on to call as soon as any issues occur. This way you can rest assured all IT problems are dealt with swiftly.


Why your business needs professional IT support

When sudden hardware related issues spring up they can cause major problems and interruption for the user. Hardware related issues are best dealt with by an IT professional who has the expertise to carry out the repair and replace the necessary parts to get you back up and running. Also it’s worth noting that sometimes manufacturers have added warranty seals on components, which if tampered with will affect your warranty, therefore it’s not advised that someone without the correct knowledge or experience gets involved with attempting a DIY computer repair.


Why your business needs professional IT support

Software corruption and operating system damage can result in your computer needing a fresh install of the whole system. It’s ideal for you to have an IT professional who you can call on to confirm what repair needs to be carried out rather than you trying to self-diagnose. Additionally, if you have important data on the device then you wouldn’t want to risk losing it by attempting a repair yourself.


Why your business needs professional IT support

Usually when you begin working with an IT support provider they carry out a general assessment of your IT system and will advise you on what you need to have in place to ensure your system is secure. With ransomware on the increase by approximately 600% it’s now vital that your business has the highest level of protection. Multiple backups of your company data and strong anti-virus installed on all devices are a necessity.

One of the key benefits to having an IT support company who maintains your system is that they can continue to advise you on what you need to keep on top of your IT security. For example if there’s a widespread virus sweeping the internet you may have a better chance of being prepared for it with the correct protection in place.


Why your business needs professional IT support

Another large factor is time. If you don’t have the time to spend hours trying to figure out the cause or fix for IT issues then you shouldn’t be getting wrapped up in it, pass it over to the IT experts. Business owners undoubtedly have precious time and if they are rushed off their feet they shouldn’t need to worry about internal IT issues stopping staff from working efficiently. Use an IT company who are reliable and can provide you with fast IT assistance when you need it most.

IT Support Agreements

Why your business needs professional IT support

IT Support is a a great way to incorporate productivity within your business. A lot of companies heavily rely on their staff using computers to work from, therefore when a re-occurring or unexpected IT glitch causes problems to users you want staff to be able to continue working as quickly as possible, thus having an IT company you can immediately contact provides you with complete peace of mind.


A key benefit to having your computer or IT system fixed by an IT support professional is that you have the reassurance it will be covered by a warranty. If you attempt to carry out a repair yourself you have nothing to fall back on if you’re unsuccessful, plus there is the risk of potentially making the situation worse.


Taking into consideration all of the above information it’s worthwhile having an IT company who you can call upon for small and big problems.

Here at Nexus IT we provide IT support for small to large businesses.

You can use our services on an ad-hoc basis or you can be covered by a monthly IT support agreement, whichever you prefer. We tailor our IT support agreements to your business requirements.

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