BT Scam: IP Address hacked or router being swapped

We’ve had reports recently of clients being targeted with calls from people claiming to be BT Engineers.

The “Engineer” calls to inform that there has been an increase in activity on the line and that the IP address of the router has been hacked or that there is a fault detected on the router and it’s being replaced for free by BT. The person on the end of the phone is then told to open their Android phone to the Google Play store or to open their computer. Some people have been caught out and the “BT engineer” has convinced them to download software that enables remote access to the device. Once this is installed the caller begins to ask for money to fix the issues with the hacker.

There was a data breach in 2016 of BT and Sky customers data. We believe this is being used to give the scammers information to come across as if they are really calling from BT.

These calls are normally made from international numbers but don’t be fooled if it comes from a local number (this is easily spoofed).

Why are you receiving scammer calls?

Ensure you are not listing your name, address and number online

This makes you a target for scammers. Try and Google your name, number or your address to ensure you’re not listed on the internet.

Never give information over the phone

Anything you provide may be shared with other scammers or used to commit identity theft.

Don’t fall for it

Businesses are aware of these types of fraudsters and often will never contact you by phone. Our suggestion is to hang up and phone the company back (but don’t redial the last number who called you – find the phone number from elsewhere). Wait to hear a dial tone as sometimes they stay on the line and play along!

As cyber crime becomes big business scammers are all trying to cash in. Stay safe and watch out for other types of caller scams:

  • Congratulations you’re specially selected (for this deal)
  • You’ve won big money in a lottery abroad
  • You’ve won one of three valuable prizes
  • Fantastic Investment Opportunity
  • Forcing you to make a decision on something immediately
  • Trying to act like someone doing you a favour, asking if you trust them
  • Computer problem cold callers, pretending to be from Microsoft, BT, Amazon & Apple!

Questions to ask, if you’re unsure

Try asking these questions to gauge if the caller is real:

  • Why can’t you email/post me this information?
  • Can I call you back so I can verify the number?
  • What information do you have about me?

Are you receiving lots of these calls? It’s time to invest in a nuisance call blocker:



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  • Protect yourself from scam callers 
  • Stops persistent sales calls, recorded message calls and malicious calls
  • The phone can be used as normal and you can monitor it over the internet 
  • Only trusted callers get through
  • Easy to set up and use 

The cold caller or scammer has to state their name before the call is put through. This means you can choose whether to accept the call.

Are you being inundated with nuisance calls?

What are you being asked and how are you dealing with them?

As this is going around again you can find out more recent info at our forum.



Ive just had a call from BT, it was an Indian male saying that some hackers are entering the drive to my PC right this second, they asked me to open the ‘run’ box where i held my finger on the windows button and the key R and a box appeared it had the words ‘calc.exe’ he then told me to get rid of that and put something else in a code which didnt work and then a website so that they could log into the computer and BT could to view files (something along them lines)…. whilst doing this I quickly googled ‘BT ringing saying drive has been hacked’ and this page popped up as many others… he then got shirty with me and said ‘are you listening to me or typing?’ I then re-entered the code ‘calc.exe’ and press run and it was simply the windows calculator that popped up. I told him I was at work (which I am) and that I didnt feel comfortable doing this as it isnt my PC and that we have never had a call from BT before anyway… and he just put the phone down.


Exact same thing to me but I was stupid enough to fall for it until he goes about refunding 6 months worth of bills and brought NatWest online banking up and told me to enter my details I then said I don’t feel comfortable and then he changed his tone idk I’m scared tho

Ken Wilson

They’re still trying it: I received a call today 20 02 18 precisely as described above. I’m feeling disappointed not to have been warned of the scam by BT. (But not surprised).

talktalk customer

I just had a very similar call, saying my router had been hacked and Talk Talk were going to replace it for me, free of charge. Indian male, supposedly in a call centre, asked me to go onto Google to find my IP address, so he could change it, as it had been compromised & the hackers could see all the info I’d entered in last 2weeks. An IP address came up on Google, for somewhere in USA, which he was able to quote. I didn’t continue because the “call centre” noises in the background sounded fake. I asked him, “If you’re from Talk Talk what is my name?” He hung up immediately.



Just received a call from “Andrew”, a “BT Engineer”. He wants me to go to a website called my1paddress because my “IP is being misused over the last couple of weeks” and that their BT Servers had detected this.

Knowing this is a scam straight away I tried to gather information but essentially all he’d let me know is that the website will show me locations of hackers ‘misusing’ my IP address. I presume the website pops up your IP address and shows everyone a bunch of fictional attacks.

I pressed him to answer me “what then” but as far as he would share was that they [BT] will then provide me “anti virus software” to fix the situation. The joke of course is that we’re with Virgin Media, so it won’t be BT calling me regards my broadband.

But it’s no laughing matter really is it? Most people would be easily duped into the story these scammers are selling. I asked him for a telephone number I could reach him on and he gave 02081337895; but that means nothing, anyone anywhere in the world can have a London number these days thanks to VOIP.

Please increase awareness of these scammers and notify your Internet provider likewise.


A “BT engineer” recorded message rang me just now. Displayed phone number 016277 64165 . Said router and IP was hacked. They would send me a new router. Asked me to press 1 to speak to BT.
So, now using technology to attempt to filter in the gullible.


Today I had an Indian sounding man stating that he was a BT Engineer and that my router was showing signs of being compromised. I did not go any further with him and put the phone down because in the background it was extremely noisy and not only that he did not know my name! Scammer that is for sure.

Andy Lien

Got a phone call from a supposed automated message, robot sounding female voice, saying that my router had been compromised and I was supposed to contact a bt engineer at a website, so that he could change my IP address. am not with bt, my router is my own, its firewall is on so an outside engineer wouldn’t get access, and the static ip address is set by my internet provider on their servers. if a bt engineer wanted to change the ip address then they would contact my internet provider, not me.


Had the same call today (late May 2018). I work in IT, so the call didn’t last long. Really annoys me that these guys can’t be closed down and buried somewhere.


Hi all I’ve just had the same thing. Told to Google search my 1p address which displayed an IP address, not mine, and other details relevant to my device operating system, which I said was android, and a location of California. My device was not connected to my home broadband, which I didn’t let him know. Again this was an Indian male claiming to be a bit engineer. I told him the location said it was my home town and he wasn’t happy about this I then told him my household was TPS registered and he immediately hung up. I wish these scammers would get closed down!


I had a call from ‘Tracey” (Indian accent, noisy call-centre). She said she was from BT. She said my IP address had been stolen by someone in Mountain View, California and they needed to fix the problem. She asked me to be in front of a device linked to the internet. I said I was in front of my printer (which is wireless). That made her angry and she told me be in front of my PC or laptop. She told me to open Google and type “my 1p address” into the search bar. She told me this showed my IP address ( and that its location was indeed in Mountain View. She then said some more gobbledygook about the rest of the information shown. I wanted the conversation to continue to see where it would lead, but overplayed my hand and asked if Google is based in Mountain View. At this point she closed the line. The IP address shown ( is that of Google and not mine.

At least I found out how to get Google’s IP address! I’m quite happy to receive these calls and waste the time of the caller. The main thing to remember is NEVER download anything they ask you to or give any personal information (including name, address, date of birth, employment and financial information). If they persist put the phone down or lie. Also they have no way of knowing that your IP has been hacked or “stolen” or that you have viruses on your computer.

Samuel Etukakpan

I got a call from someone who claimed to be from BT with an Indian accent. She told me that they have instruction from BT to disconnect me within 24 hours. Knowing that I am not with BT I told her to go ahead and disconnect me. My response must have stunned her because I heard her mutter something like hmmm!

In the weeks that follow, they changed tactic by saying that my router has been compromised by people in different countries abroad and I should “press 1” for instructions from their engineers to fix it. I haven’t fallen for it, and I will not be doing so anytime.

Dear readers, please don’t fall for these tricks by these fraudsters too.


I occasionally take these scammers on without giving any details, the latest being that my computer line with BT would be terminated unless I press 1 for continuation or 2 for termination. I realised they would try to access my computer, so when they asked me to press certain buttons I pretended to do so and they asked me what it now said (waiting for a code to control the computer). I said that it had said “The second word is OFF, pick your own first”. I was asked to retry and gave the same answer, which she couldn’t understand. She continued trying for 20 minutes before passing me to a supervisor, who in turn took 15 minutes to realise what I was doing and slammed the phone down. I have the time to waste theirs and enjoy the game of how long I can waste their time.

Allan Cairnduff

Yes, I am reading all these reports and realising that I too have been conned. I did not have a clue about IP addresses public or private. THey conned me into letting them create a private IP address and password. However, they then asked me to type in my bank name and I started to suspect I had been conned. I said I had another appointment and they could phone back later. When I reopend my computer there was a Microsoft Windows Virus check programme running which took over 2 hours with a result saying no files corrupted. I am 79 years old so this is all very confusing. I contacted BT who said when they phoned back to ignore the call and put it on 1572 which would block it. Calls came from 3 different numbers and an international all of which
have been blocked. Will I have problems with this created private IP address?

Allan Cairnduff

Conned exactly as described. Created a private IP address for me but when they started asking about bank details, smelt a rat!! How can I change my IP address details? Not very switched on to high tech. 79 years old!!
Name of co man C Rosario job/ID BT08115 phone no 02074763905
Have cut them off through 1572 although they have tried to contact me again.

Robin James

Authoritative and terse phone call at about 15-30 from a UK landline. It advised change in IP address. We did not action the request and we ended the call.


Yep still going on. Got a call, they said we calling from bt in London . I said which address , they replied George Street. Sounded from India actually. Then got edgy when I asked to make my actual provider call me instead of them or send me an email. They also said they have my licence id number that shows on the router. They said some hacking activity has affected my line but the tone was becoming less professional


Just had two calls from these guys – two different numbers, but the same “IP address hacked””claim. Asked me to put the phrase ‘my IP address location’ into google to prove this becaus (and I quote) ‘google never lies’. At least that bit made me laugh!

E crozier

Ive just had same phone call said from BT and had hackers tracking same thing check ip address via google (funny we all got the same one.) when asked how much they were charging Jessica said it was free BT dont do nothing for free was my comment. she wanted to know where i went on the internet said my biusness not yours she passed me onto a supervisor same crap when asked what they planned to do he said they put some software on my computer to block the web pages i visited do i internet bank my answer my buisness not yours kept calling me my love. i said dont call me my love wont wash then said i could hang up if i wanted it would be my fault if i got hacked. when told they werent putting anything on my comuter he said no they put it on the web page that i was visiting ii said that alot of websites then.
he said go to my bank web page and he could block it i said no he hung up.
It time BT stopped all these scam calls we pay fortune in rental for no return oops sorry we can have BT sports wich they paid 1.2 biliilon for money would be better spent updating Telephone lines so we could get decent internet and seeking these pest out and shuting them dowm.

Ally hawk

Just received a call. Apparently they’ve been monitoring my ip addresses and I have a lot of foreign activity. Strange, could swear I had a static IP. But, as I’ve had some issues lately I continued to listen a little longer. Between trying to understand her heavy accent and my 1 year old screaming (Hangry!!!) I suggested she might like to email me some information, did she have my details and I would confirm them as I couldn’t be sure which I’d registered with. Strangely enough she hung up.


Just had a phone call. Automated message to say my IP address had been hacked and required changing. They could do this for me if I pressed 1 to speak to an engineer. I did (just to see what happened), he asked me to go to my machine, I said I was switching it on and whilst booting up, googled IP Address hack which brought up a load. I said I wasn’t even with BT and that I would verify it separately before I did anything on my machine, even go on the internet. At that point, he hung up on me. Nice!


Still going on (23rd October). I got the automated message and “please press 1”. I just hung up.


Just got off the phone to an Indian man. He said he works at a company that works alongside all the big internet providers for security. Asked the name of the company, ips London (apparently). Asked me to type in my browser my 1p address and it comes up with a Californa location so as he said “proves” I’m being hacked. Then asks me to go to deskroll. I knew what he was trying to do from the minute he stated he was from internet security so kept talking to get more information. Anyway he was boring me by now and so I let him have it but telling him to stop trying to con people, he said it’s up to me if I want to have the hackers still using my internet! I’d told him that I’m fully aware of the scam as I’d googled it, the fact that I had actually had an engineer out this morning regarding something else didn’t phase him when I told him and so I let rip and told him that he has no morals and that he should get a job!!!
The number is rang me on is 07488 111 119 tried ringing back on withheld number and says number not recognised.

Gary Shepherd

Just had same idiots trying the find my location crap. Claimed to be bt engineer, pretended I was with a different supplier but he claimed they all use bt openreach ultimately and bt maintain and protect them, ha ha. Spun it out for a while pretending to boot up tablet, even through in flat battery and misplaced power lead to spin it out further. Eventually got bored and said I’d ring my supplier and hung up.
Had a different one other day who had “guessed” correct supplier but he had no patience and worked out I was playing him. Even rang back to tell me to f@%& off, result.

N Tingay

BT scam “my internet broadband is being compromised by someone in Amsterdam”. This is a scam. I said I’d call BT back on 150 and did so. It s indeed a scam.


Hi – same scam, Susan Matthews from BT Newgate St London id number BTIT1062 called to let me know that my IP address was compromised and went through the my 1p address ruse and then tried to get me to install TeamViewer – I particularly liked the “look do you want to secure your internet or not” line when I was asking them why they needed me to do anything

Neil T

Same scam today. I nearly fell for it. “Martin Conti” ID No MC9674 called from a 01543 number. He was very convincing. He gave me a 0208 number to call back on but the response was totally unconvincing.

Ken S

Yesterday had an indian man call me claiming to be a BT engineer.Said that my IP address had been compromised.When I asked for his name he replied ‘Kevin Shaw’! I then asked to ring him back and he gave me 02086385616 and the BT address 81 Newgate St.I rang back and asked to speak to the supervisor who confirmed his no…BT9038.I was passed back to him but when he asked me to download ‘Remote PC’ app I became suspicious and hung up


I’ve just been called again from a computerised number:
01085347951 and a recorded message tells me it’s BT Security and my Internet has been hacked. Press 1. An Indian lady then told me that she was BT Security and repeated that my IP address had been hacked from California and all my internet details were being hacked into. I played her game. She asked me to go on line on my cell phone, check my op address ! Lo! And behold – there’s the hackers address replacing mine etc. Shock horror. She then asked me if I did internet banking ( I don’t) I said yes, I did… she then asks me for my account details so that she can ‘check’ if they’ve been hacked. I told her that I was recording her call ( which I have done) and she hung up! BT have confirmed that they are receiving over 2,500 reports of scammers per day. Never give these callers the time of day. Immediately after such a call, dial 1572 and further calls from that particular number will be blocked . But according to my son who works for Apple in California! there are 100’s of computerised calling systems available to these scammers!


I had a similar call about hacked IP and BT wants to fix it. They told me to go to the BT webpage and everything would be done from there. They were very professional and convincing and from their accent, you would not expect them to be from some mysterious country. At the end, I had to tell my bank to disable my account because they managed to get into my account. Luckily my bank already noticed it before i called them. Never let something to be installed on your computer!


Had one of these today checked my ip adress and it said noord in Amsterdam with the name crawl who is the alleged hacker as I’m not very technical I’m very confused .


Just to say I have almost fallen for this today so it is still going on
Went straight to the local bank,luckily they had not got into my account as I had not given the crucial number.I am 76 and not that good with latest technology but when they ask me to buy £500 iTunes cards from Tesco’s tomorrow and he would put £500 in my account i really caught on.what worries me is he asked about my internet buying so will have to watch that as well.


Today I had the same call I did fall for it for a while until he told me to buy £500 of iTunes cards at Tesco’s to mend the problem and they would put £500 into my account tomorrow, I said I wouldn’t buy them until the money was there and the line went dead.I just wondered where Tesco’s came into the equation.


This is still going on and I was nearly caught on this today! It was really scary.
A call came from my landline and told me she was from BT and my IP address and internet line had been hacked. They asked me to open google and search “My 1P address”. From there I saw the IP location was Holland which proved that she was right. She then passed to a male with indian voice. He then successfully let me install a remote control app in my computer. While he was on my computer, he asked me to log into my bank. I hesitated, but he kept convincing me he was from BT and the remote control also read “BT Security Service UK”. I was so silly that I logged into the online banking. I was then told to go upstair with my phone, be away from the computer. Lucky my hubsband was home and he sensed something very suspicious. He went to look at the computer and saw someone remotely browsing through my bank account pages! He immediately disconnect the wifi. I hang up the phone and call my bank to suspend my account straight away. Such a narrow miss!

Susan travis

Just had the same thing this morning it’s driving me crazy all the phone calls

Darren Morrison

I had the same call today from the fake bt person. When I told her she should know the information she was asking for she said your a fucking arsehole shit and hung up!


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