How big companies are turning away unwanted customers

Remember always hearing the saying – “The customer is always right”?

If you found yourself dissatisfied in some way from a service you had received or perhaps a purchase didn’t go smoothly or as planned, coming to an agreement with the supplier used to be fairly simple and straightforward. You’d feel as though they’d gone out of their way to ensure that you, the customer, is happy.

However, as time moves on some larger businesses are now taking more control over their clientele, selecting their customers and eliminating others.

So you’re wondering how they’re doing this? We’ve listed some examples below:


Did you know that Amazon have tightened their rules on returning goods, banning your account if you return too many items? Apparently if your Amazon account gets blocked and there are other people registered at the same address as you their Amazon account may also be terminated.


Uber drivers can now see feedback reviews left for its potential customers and decide whether to pick them up or decline the journey.


Apple have limited the amount of iPads customers purchase (capped at 2 per customer). *Please note exceptions may differ for Apple Business customers.


Gamers using foul language on Xbox One video uploads were losing the ability to use Skype and other applications reliant on Xbox live because of past behaviour.


Overall, as we depend on the online world more stronger rules are being put in place for its customers by larger firms. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be treated any less than before, however it’s definitely worth being assertive and knowledgeable.

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