The best way to store all of your passwords

Between your home and work computers, you likely have dozens of passwords that you need to remember. Every website you visit online requires a password, it’s tempting to use the same one for all of them to make recalling them easier. Unfortunately, it’s not safe. You need a different password for every site to deter hackers and keep your personal details confidential.

Creating Strong Passwords

A strong password uses a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Many websites require you to choose at least three of these before accepting your new password. Making your password at least eight characters long is another way to increase your password security.

When selecting a password for a new site, try to stick with a theme to make them easier for you to memorise. Another trick is to use the first letter in each word of a phrase that you commonly use to increase your password security. The password needs to be unique enough so others can’t guess it, but not so obscure that you forget it as soon as you log out of the site.

Click here for tips on how to create a strong password.

Protecting Your Passwords With 1Password

1Password software

If you struggle with memorising your passwords, you could write them down and store them in a safe that requires a combination (not a key) but in hindsight how practical and secure is that? Not at all practical. If you require your passwords daily or if you’re elsewhere (e.g abroad) and you need to log into one of your online accounts but your passwords are locked in a safe at home then you’re stuck.

It’s also not advised to store passwords on your smart phone as anyone who picks up your phone and knows your phone unlock code can gain access. Or if your phone is lost or stolen so are your passwords.

The far better, more practical and safer option is to store them electronically. Of course, you must do this securely or it defeats the purpose of having strong passwords in the first place.

If you choose to store passwords on your computer, make sure to encrypt the file. You should also protect the master file with a unique password. The downside to this is that in the event of sudden computer death/hard drive failure, fire or theft the document which you had on your computer with all of your passwords is forever lost.


Instead you should use 1Password for storing all of your passwords.

1Password was released in 2006 and is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

The great advantage of using 1Password is that it’s encrypted from end to end. Your encryption keys are safe behind your master password which only you know.

As well as storing your passwords in 1Password you can also store all your other private and confidential information such as credit cards, passport, driving license etc.

1Password is Safe and Trusted

1Password runs on Amazon Web Services which is the biggest and most secure infrastructure provider worldwide.

Password safety

1Password is Robust and Secure

You are the only person who can see your data and it’s fully encrypted.

Your Secret Key can’t be reset, seized or evaded.

It doesn’t only authenticate you with 1Password’s servers, additionally it plays an essential role in encrypting your data.

Only you have your Secret Key and it never leaves your devices.

Your 1Password Master Password


Your master password is not only for unlocking your vault, it also plays a key role in encryption. You are the only one who knows your master password and it is not stored anywhere therefore it is top secret!

1Password for business, family and personal

1Password on your mobile

1Password can be used by anyone from an individual to a business.

You can have your own 1Password account and also belong to other accounts such as family and team accounts. You can also manage who has access to what information for example within a work organisation you won’t want everyone to have access to the company bank account details.

Get set up with 1Password today

1Password set up

Visit the 1Password website to create an account and get started.

Cybercrime seems to increase by the day, but you stand a much better chance of not becoming a victim by choosing strong passwords and following the above tips to protect them.

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