Best office computer pranks for April Fools’ Day!

The temptation is certainly high to pull a good April Fools’ day prank on your colleagues within the office.

Perhaps a new person has just joined the team and you want to see their reaction or maybe a co-worker has been catching you out on April Fools year after year and it’s time to seek sweet revenge!

Look no further, listed below are some hilarious computer pranks to try out and if you’re feeling really confident why not try catching their reactions on camera.

To avoid getting caught you’ll want to set up the prank as subtly as possible so it’s best to carry these out before they get into work, during their lunch break or when they’ve stepped away from their desk.

Although pranks are supposed to be funny remember that people react in different ways so take care and caution and think before you action. Not everyone will find it amusing. We can’t be held responsible for your actions or the other person’s reactions.

1. Computer mouse fun

computer mouse pranks

How to disable the mouse from working:

If it’s a wireless battery operated mouse remove the batteries. For wired mice simply unplug it from the USB port so it’s not connected to anything. Alternatively if you can get hold of some black tape cover the connectivity light at the rear of the mouse by applying some tape.

How to change the mouse speed on a Mac:

You can change the mouse settings to really fast or really slow. If it’s an Apple Mac computer you can do this by System Preferences > Mouse > then alter accordingly where it says Tracking Speed.

how to change mouse speed on a mac how to change mouse speed on apple mac








Change the mouse speed on a Windows machine:

Simply follow these steps:

  • Control Panel
  • Mouse
  • A box will then appear which says ‘Mouse Properties’
  • To change the speed of the mouse choose the ‘Pointer Options’ tab, then adjust the speed by moving the pointer
  • Select ‘Apply’ then ‘Ok’ to apply the changes.

Change the mouse pointer on a Windows machine:

We’re all familiar with what our mouse pointer looks like so why not change its appearance?

To action this go to:

  • Control Panel
  • Mouse
  • A box will then appear which says ‘Mouse Properties’
  • Click the ‘Pointers’ tab at the top and scroll through the list until you find an icon which takes your fancy

Finally to apply these changes select ‘Apply’ then ‘Ok’ and close any windows you opened to action this.

2. Vanish Desktop Icons (on a Windows computer)

Simply right click on your chosen victim’s desktop background, then click on ‘View,’ next un-tick where it says ‘Show Desktop Icons.’ Then wait for the fun to begin! Sit back at your desk and wait patiently for the moment. It won’t be long before they realise!

windows computer pranks

If you’re trying to achieve this trick on a Mac:

Download the free HiddenMe app

3. Blue Screen of Death

blue screen of death prank

Everybody fears the blue screen of death so if you’re feeling super sly pull this prank for the ultimate reaction! All you need to do is search online for a blue screen of death wallpaper, download it and then set it up.

You may wish to use a website such as this to find an appropriate blue screen of death image:

4. Rotate the screen’s orientation

This can be carried out on a Windows machine by following these steps:

Control panel > Display > Change Display Settings > Orientation > Landscape (flipped) > Keep changes

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