Best Christmas Gifts For Your Cat

If you’re looking for a gift for your cat, you’ll have all sorts of possibilities to choose from.

Here are some great cat gift ideas!

Cat Toys

All cats are attracted by movement, so how about a tantalizing, moving toy to keep yours entertained? Choose between mice on wheels, fluttering feathers to dangle, jingling balls and numerous other fascinating objects, or thrill them with a laser beam. Cats love chasing lasers and it’s a great way to incorporate some exercise into their day, especially if they’re an indoor cat.

PetSafe Laser Cat Toy(£12.99)

laser cat toy laser cat toy

Claw-scratching devices for cats

Your cat will appreciate having something satisfying to scratch. You could buy them a vertical claw-scratching facility to access on hind legs, giving them a stretch at the same time, or a horizontal one to accommodate all four paws. Some versions include play items, such as a feather wand or dangling ball to strike at.

cat scratcher activity centrecat climbing frame








cat activity centre

For a scratching device with entertainment value for observers, take a look at this DJ mixing deck design which has a spinning disc to tear at, or the imitation laptop with a keyboard for them to get their claws into!

Cat Scratching Toy – DJ Mixing Deck (£15.70)

cat scratch toy DJ mixing deck cat scratch toy DJ mixing deck

Cat Scratching Toy – Novelty Cardboard Laptop (£16.49)

cat scratch toy laptop

cat scratch laptop Cat Warmers

Treat your cat to an electrically heated mat. You can plug these into an electric socket, some also being adaptable for car use. For a cheaper option, buy a microwavable wheat bag or gel-filled heat pad. Both of these come with washable covers in attractive designs. A traditional, fireside mat with a luxurious, deep pile would also make a great gift. For a raised seat, and probably a higher price, you could provide sheer bliss with a mattress on a wire frame hooked over your radiator.

Cat radiator bed (£31.99)

cat radiator bed cat radiator bed


Catit offer a huge variety of different cat toys to keep your furry friend occupied. You can link up the toys to create an entertainment station for your cats. There’s the Catit food maze, play circuit, grass station, scratcher, water fountain and so much more!

catit cat toys

catit cat toys

Cat Grooming Combs

Cats love to be stroked, and when the sensation involves a gentle comb or brush they’re even happier. There’s a wide range of grooming brushes and combs available. Choose between round and square, thin and broad, or buy yourself a grooming glove so you can literally brush as you stroke. Some of these products offer an extra accessory, such as a mirror or a removable bar for gathering up loose hairs.

Easy clean cat grooming brush (£17.49)

cat grooming brush easy clean cat grooming brush easy clean

Cat grooming glove (£5.99)

cat grooming gloves

cat grooming gloves

Cat Food Bowls

Is it time your cat had a fresh, new food bowl or would they appreciate a different design? You can buy tilted dishes for easy access and non-tip ones with lids for taking on journeys. If your cat needs coaxing to eat up their food, choose a bowl with interesting knobs or bumps to nose around as a foraging incentive. If you’d rather stay with traditional styles you’ll find a range of ceramic, plastic and stainless steel bowls to choose from.

SureFeed Smart Cat Feeder (£59.49)

This smart cat feeder is brilliant. If you have a multi-cat household this will ensure each cat is getting the right amount of food and not being greedy! Households who have more than one cat can find that bowl sharing is a regular occurrence and can also cause your cat to eat more than they should. Thanks to SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder you can put an end to this.

The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder only opens for a registered pet’s microchip or RFID collar tag to stop pets stealing each others’ food. One collar tag is supplied. The lid of the feeder closes onto a sealed bowl keeping their food fresher.

smart cat food bowlsmart cat food bowl


Cat Food Bowl no-spill station (£8.99)

cat food bowlcat food bowl

Cat Travel – Lightweight Fabric Pet Carrier (£29.99)


cat carrier cat carrier

If your cat’s going on holiday with you or travelling in the car to the cattery, they’ll need a travel cage to keep them safe and steady. Standard cat cages are not expensive but if you’re able to spend a little more, you could look out for one with collapsible sides and lid for storing purposes, or built-in refreshment bowls and pockets. Line your cage with familiar bedding and introduce it at home before travelling. Once in, your cat probably won’t want to come out.

Don’t be disappointed if your gift is not an instant hit. Your cat may give it a sniff and walk off to think it over, but they’ll be back in two ticks. That’s cats for you.

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