Best Christmas Gifts For Elderly People

Christmas shopping is fun when you know what you’re looking for, but thinking of suitable gifts for people can be tricky, especially when they’ve got everything already. This can be a particular problem with elderly people, who tend to have a lifetime’s worth of possessions and no space for any more. If you’re facing this conundrum, here’s a simple solution: think outside the box. Bought and packaged items are not the only kind of gift. There are other kinds too and your carefully thought-through alternative could be just the ticket for the older person in your life.

Here are some ideas to consider:


Your elderly friend or relative may have everything money can buy but no one to talk to. Loneliness is a common problem for older people, as mobility becomes more difficult and infirmities hinder communication, but a few hours spent in good company can lift the spirits wonderfully. Time is always precious but if you can spare a day or morning to sit and chat with that special person in your life, you’ll bring them great pleasure. If conversation runs dry, perhaps show some photos, take a stroll or play a game together.

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Make a family tree

Making a family tree can be a wonderful idea. Once created it’s something which can be treasured for future generations. Talking about relatives and listening to old stories can bring back fond memories for them and it’s also interesting for you to hear what life was like back then.

Family Tree

You could either create a family tree on paper or make a digital one online which is saved electronically. Use a website such as to make one online.

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Ancestry DNA kit

Whilst on the topic of family trees you could help them discover their roots with an Ancestry DNA kit. This fantastic piece of kit is posted to you, all you need to do is simply send off a saliva sample which is then sent off to a lab for examination. The fun part is waiting for the results! Most of us seem to think we know where we come from but your DNA reveals the truth. Many people are surprised when they get their ancestry DNA results and discover they have other heritage roots.

After your test, Ancestry searches their global network of AncestryDNA members and identify those who share your DNA. There’s no limit to what you might discover.

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Your older friend may not go out much, finding it easier to stay at home these days, but you can provide a refreshing change of scenery by inviting them over to your place. Depending on their mobility you may need to collect them, and if they’re disabled you might need some assistance, but your efforts will be rewarded by the smile on their face. Older people tend to like fairly plain food, so your refreshments can be as simple as you like. You could host an afternoon tea, here’s a delicious selection of miniature jams and marmalades. Your warm welcome will mean more to them than anything.

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An Experience Day

An accompanied trip to a place of interest could be a great treat for your relative or friend. They may depend on support like yours for going out, so it will be quite an adventure for them. Depending on their interests, perhaps accompany them to an art gallery or museum, or book seats to watch a show. Their venue preference may not be yours, but you won’t mind when you see the joy it brings them.

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A helpful deed

If you’re more fit and able than your senior friend, you’ll be able to do things they can’t, so how about doing them a favour? Fix a precious item that’s broken, give their garden a makeover or arrange some home improvement they’ve been wishing for. Another idea of this kind is to organise a reunion for them. Keeping in touch with friends and family may be harder for them these days, but with your help, perhaps a meet-up could be arranged. If so, it’ll mean more to them than any material gift. You may think of other deeds that would be especially appreciated.

Once you start thinking beyond conventional gifts, you’ll find all sorts of wonderful options for your older friend. Present your gesture as your Christmas gift or treat, and watch as they light up with joy.

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Cassidy Woods

As, Christmas is fast approaching and choosing gifts for your elderly parents, senior family members or friends can be tricky because you need thoughtful gifts for them. These gifts should be supportive enough to boost senior care by improving their overall health, safety, comfort, and independence. Thanks for sharing this content loaded with fruitful information.


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