A quick look at 3D printing

Rewind to 10 years ago and 3D printing would bring to mind bulky, expensive machinery used in factories and only a handful of organisations.

These incredible devices have now become affordable products for use by designers, engineers, schools, and even within households. Whether you’re contemplating investing in a 3D printer or just fascinated by the technology, here’s an insight into 3 printers hand-picked by us.


beethefirst+ 3D printer

BeeTheFirst has been on the market since early 2014 and is suitable for both home and professional use. There are four different models to choose from with pricing varying between €529 – €1449 (approx).

BeeTheFirst is a portable 3D printer which is easy to use, offering high quality and high performance. It has a unique transportable pack containing everything you need.

Carry the printer anywhere you desire by using the built-in handle, it’s perfect for transporting between locations. The printer dimensions are: 400 x 140 x 400mm.

This multiple award-winning 3D printer is a reflection of its capabilities.

MakerBot Replicator+ Desktop 3D Printer €2,378.81 (approx)

MakerBot Replicator Desktop 3D Printer

MakerBot Replicator+ provides fast and reliable 3D printing which is safe for the workplace, classroom, or home. It has an LCD display which allows you to easily set up and maintain your 3D printer, preview print files, and effortlessly access your object library. Other features include an on-board camera and Wi-Fi. Product dimensions: 52.8 L X 44.1 W X 41.0 H cm. As the Replicator+ is Cloud-enabled you can simply control it remotely with MakerBot Print or the MakerBot Mobile app, resulting in time saved and speeding up the duplication process.

Zortrax M200 €1799 (approx)

Zortrax M200 3D printer

The Zortrax M200 offers reliability, efficiency, and precision. Its compact design makes it practical (dimensions with spool are 345 x 430 x 430mm). This 3D printer comes in a wide range of professional materials with a variety of qualities and colours. Side covers retain a stable temperature across the whole model throughout the printing and cooling process to reduce the risk of distortions and cracks on your print. Begin 3D printing with a device that assures high quality 3D prints.

Overall 3D printing is revolutionising our lives. It’s evolving teaching in schools by making education more interactive and creative. There’s many purposes for these great devices and we have no doubt that as technology develops even further, 3D printers will become an essential part of a lot of our lives.

If you have a 3D printer or are involved in an industry where you use one, we’d love to hear your thoughts on 3D printing. Please leave us a comment below and share! 🙂

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