6 Top Gadgets for the Kitchen

Andrew James Teppanyaki Barbecue Table Grill

Andrew James Teppanyaki grill

The Teppanyaki grill is the closest gadget to an indoor BBQ! Whether you live in a flat without outdoor space or simply love trying new things, the Teppanyaki grill awaits you! It makes cooking easy and better still it’s a way of cooking healthy as it’s non-stick so you can use little or no oil. There’s so many foods you can put on the grill – meat, fish, noodles, vegetables and even an egg!

  • The grill heats super fast (adjustable thermostat)
  • Makes cooking easy
  • Generates less mess as everything is on one grill
  • Cook food without oil
  • Easy to clean (the drip tray which collects any grease un-clips)

Another great benefit is that it’s ideal for spending time together around the dinner table, entertaining and hosting dinner parties. No need to hide away in the kitchen on your own in front of the cooker, just place the Teppanyaki grill in the center of the table and allow everyone to get involved. This gadget makes cooking fun. Achieve that BBQ satisfaction feeling! The Teppanyaki grill is a truly great gadget for the home which the whole family will love.

Rollie automatic electric egg cooker

Rollie automatic electric egg cookerFor most cooking an egg is a nightmare, and skill is often required. For all egg worries out there, fear no more! The Rollie device is so easy to use, and cooks eggs to perfection, meaning there’s really no room for error! With Rollie there’s no water to boil and no frying pan. Simply spray a little oil into the Rollie, crack two eggs into the top of it, let Rollie work its magic and whoopee! Up it pops from the top. Once it begins to arise from the top of the device you can then insert a skewer or stick into the egg which has formed a cylinder shape.
iDevices Kitchen Thermometer

iDevices Kitchen Thermometer

Cooking meat can be a tricky business! That’s why the iDevices Kitchen Thermometer is an essential accessory for your kitchen. Using Bluetooth it syncs to your mobile device and the iDevices Connected app will notify you when your food is perfectly cooked ready for you to eat.

All you need to do is tell the app what you’re cooking and insert the thermometer probe into the meat while it cooks. As it has dual-probe capability, you can monitor two temperatures simultaneously. This is a must-have gadget suitable for everyone.

Somabar (Robotic Bartender)


Ever dreamt of being a cocktail making guru? Does the thought of learning the recipes and how to use all the utensils give you a headache? If yes then it sounds like you need Somabar!

Somabar is an amazing cocktail appliance designed for your home kitchen. Pour yourself any drink on demand, invite friends round or entertain your guests at a party with this innovative quirky invention. It’s controlled via the app and enables you to thoroughly mix cocktails and infuse bitters to make the perfect cocktail in a matter of seconds.

Easily control via the app:

Somabar app

1) Scroll through your menu and select your drink
2) You can customise the ingredients and alcohol content
3) Somabar will fully mix the cocktail before dispensing
4) Enjoy your drink!

Could this really be the future of cocktail making in bars and restaurants? Perhaps there will even be self-service machines like this in the imminent future. Although Somabar hasn’t yet been released you can pre-order it today!

Smarter iKettle 

Smarter iKettle
Waiting for the kettle to boil can feel like a long and boring process. With thanks to iKettle this is history! You can remotely boil from anywhere and even set certain times so when you wake up in the morning there’s no waiting around for your cup of tea.

If you’re a coffee person don’t worry, there’s something for you too…

Smarter Coffee Machine

Smarter Coffee machine

The Smarter Coffee Machine means you can wake up to the smell of fresh coffee in the morning knowing that it’s all ready for you to pour and enjoy. Using the Smarter app you remotely brew your coffee and even adjust the coffee strength to suit you. Grind and brew fresh beans on demand. It can hold 12 cups of coffee, so whether it’s just for yourself or for the whole family you choose.

For some the feeling of being rushed off your feet in the mornings is a common experience which is why these great appliances designed by Smarter are on hand to help you save time and be more efficient.

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