6 Fabulous New Features of the OS X Mountain Lion

Apple’s much anticipated summer release of the OS X Mountain Lion was given more hype with the preview of new features and capabilities. In a nutshell, Apple’s objective is to create a unified ecosystem that allows for interaction between its various devices including the iPhone, iPad and desktop Mac. There are over a hundred new features and updates expected including the following fabulous features:

1. iCloud Integration

Mountain Lion provides the option to store documents and files directly to the desktop or in iCloud. This service provides additional value for users who wish to access files remotely or limit localized storage. Information from applications such as Reminders and Notes can also be automatically synched across various Apple devices. iCloud makes synchronization between various Apple devices more convenient.

2. The Game Center

To date, the Game Center is an exclusive function of the portable devices such as iPhone and iPad. With the Mountain Lion, users can discover and add new friends, view the leaderboards, and check out popular gaming titles. This also provides a great opportunity for new and improved games that are accessible across platforms.

3. The Gatekeeper

This new feature provides the option to choose what applications are downloadable and installable on the desktop. An added security measure, the Gatekeeper reduces the possibility of malware apps by giving an option to only run applications directly downloaded from the Mac App Store or identified developers.

4. The Notification Center

The Notification Center is another iOS 5 feature to be included in the Mountain Lion release. It keeps track of the latest alerts from various applications. This screen is located at the right portion of the monitor and not from the top of the screen. Notification banners and alerts also appear on the screen every time an enrolled app needs to send out a message.

5. iMessage

Of all the new features of the Mountain Lion, the iMessage is one of the most anticipated. It enables the user to send free messages to devices with iOS 5 or Mountain Lion OS X installed. SMS charges are not applicable and the app works with WiFi or internet connection. With the growing number of Apple users, there is a bigger possibility of having numerous personal contacts using this app.

6. Sharing

The Mountain Lion comes with a new sharing mechanism that allows the user to share information via email, Message, or Twitter. Applications such as Safari and iPhoto provide an option to access the Share Sheet which provides several means of publishing whatever it is the user is working on.

Apple aficionados are excited with the migration of popular iOS5 features to the Mac desktop. This integration of functionalities makes it easier to use devices interchangeably. As the official release date comes close, fans are expecting to see more announcements related to pricing and additional features.

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