5 Ways to Boost Your Wireless Router Signal

Low signal on your home Wi-Fi? Internet keep cutting out on your laptop in the bedroom? These 5 tips should help you get a stronger connection and better performance from your wireless router.

1: Update Firmware
Router manufacturers publish firmware updates regularly and upgrading your router can provide a performance boost and access to new features.
Check regularly to see if your router has new firmware!

2: Re-position Your Router
A wireless signal doesn’t carry far, so your wireless router should be placed centrally in your home to ensure the best possible coverage.

Place the router on a flat surface off the floor as high up as possible and away from obstructions.


3: Get an Antenna Booster
It’s actually really easy to make a homemade reflector or antenna to improve your wireless signal. There are templates and building instructions across the web http://lifehacker.com/5563196/turn-your-old-router-into-a-range+boosting-wi+fi-repeater .

4: Get a Repeater

A wireless repeater is the easy and safe way to boost your signal. A repeater works very much like a router, but instead of creating a signal, it relays an existing signal.
Lifehacker show you how to turn an old router into a Wi-Fi repeater.

5: Replace your Antenna
The antennas that come as standard on most routers are small omni-directional antennas, this means that they send signals in all directions but the range is quite short.
You can get “high-gain” directional antennas that can improve signal reception in one direction giving more control, literally allowing you to aim it where it’s needed.

If you need help or advice on your home network, setting up or improving your current home internet please give our team a call.

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