5 Ways to Back up your Data

USB stick or USB external hard drive

Using a USB stick or USB external hard drive is a quick, straightforward way of moving data from A to B. However unlike automatic backups it’s a manual process so the main disadvantage is that you need to remember to do the backup yourself. Also, you definitely shouldn’t solely rely on this method because if your device becomes lost or damaged then you will lose your precious data! You should always have your data backed up in more than one location. So if you do have your data stored on a USB stick or external drive then it’s highly advised, alongside this, that you have a cloud backup in place too. As the saying goes it’s better to be safe than sorry, and the countless times we’ve seen people get distraught over lost data is alarming.

It’s also worth mentioning that this method will not save you from data loss if you fall victim to a Cryptolocker attack (if the USB device has been left plugged in).

Private Cloud Backup

The great thing about this method is that it does all of the hard work for you, so you have total peace of mind. No matter where you are in the world the backup works when you are connected to the internet, giving you the reassurance that your data is all backed up. This is a reliable and secure method of backing up your data. With physical backups (E.g. onto a USB stick or external hard drive) you have to remind yourself to take the backup, whereas with the Nexus Cloud it’s scheduled to run automatically. It really couldn’t be any easier! The only thing you need to do is ensure your computer is connected to the internet as the backup requires internet connection. As the drive isn’t attached or physically connected it makes it safe from Cryptolocker. Our backup requires your computer to send the data encrypted over the internet. Another great feature is that our system will alert you by email in the event of a backup not running after 3 days – this makes it a really efficient way of backing up.


A NAS (Network Attached Storage) is a physical on-site backup which you would have at your premises. The backup can be done manually or automatically. The main disadvantages are that it might slow down your network and it’s not theft or fire proof. Also if the drives fail you could lose your valuable data, and it’s not safe from Cryptolocker. Therefore if you currently backup via a NAS drive it’s highly advised that you also have an off-site cloud backup solution in place.


Most people use iCloud as a way of backing up. The benefits are that it’s linked to your Apple ID and you can sync your data on any Apple devices you have. The data is stored on Apple’s Cloud.

It alerts you if you haven’t been backed up recently or are exceeding your storage allowance. It’s flexible allowing you to pay to upgrade your storage, you can also access it from any of your Apple devices providing you have your login details (Apple ID and password). Apple have made headlines in the past with reported data leaks, so this could be seen as a drawback. Furthermore iCloud involves you manually checking the data you want backed up is actually backed up. You have to remember to save your files in your iCloud drive otherwise they will not be backed up. You also need to enable iCloud photo library for your photos to be covered by this too.


Dropbox is well known and used by many. It allows you to manually upload and send files. The advantages are that you can view your files from any location, providing you have internet connection and your log in details. If you’re seeking a full system backup Dropbox is not recommended because there is no way of you encrypting the data (data leaks have happened in the past) and free accounts are often deleted if not regularly used by the user.


If you’re concerned about the way you currently back up your data and are seeking something which is automated and secure, private cloud is the way forward. We help many residential and business customers with the very best available backup solutions. Call our friendly team or submit your enquiry and contact details and a member of the team will be in touch to advise.


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