5 Useful Tips how to spring-clean your computer

Our wardrobes and homes under-go a spring clean every now and again but what about your computer?

We rely on our tech devices daily with the main one being our computer, whether it’s used for work or pleasure. We can all be guilty of neglecting our beloved computers so of course it deserves some TLC!

We’ve put together some useful tips to help you organise and spring-clean your machine:

Empty your Trash folder

We all get our household bins emptied weekly or fortnightly but what about the trash folder on your computer? Deleting an unwanted file is effortless but things can build up quickly. It’s a good idea to delete the items in your trash every few months.

Organise your emails & desktop

To help better manage your emails, if you have Outlook why not create folders to organise all of your mail, then you can work out exactly what items have and haven’t been actioned. You could even archive your old emails.

Lots of saved items on your desktop? Firstly delete anything unnecessary. Then create essential folders on your desktop to add the files you do need to keep. This will make everything look neat and tidy.

Delete cookies (HTTP cookies)

A cookie is a small portion of data sent from a website and is stored in your web browser. Cookies were designed to be a reliable method for websites to remember information (EG items added to a shopping cart) or to log browsing activity (including clicking specific buttons or recording pages visited in the past). Clearing your cookies will help increase how fast your internet browser responds.

Backup your data

It’s vital that your precious data is regularly backed up (in more than one location!) You should never just rely on saving your data onto a USB stick or external hard drive/ backup box. The truth is that should the worst happen – hard drive damage, loss, fire or theft – you could be left without your data. You certainly don’t want to lose those precious holiday photos, not forgetting your company data if you run your own business!


Ensure that you have paid antivirus. Run a virus scan on a regular basis (weekly if possible) to remove any unwanted malware which is a common cause for slowness. Paid antivirus includes many more benefits which is important if you do online banking, shopping and generally use the internet. We strongly recommend AVG to our customers as it provides good all round protection and the AVG software is simple and easy to operate.

If you would like to book in your PC, Laptop or Apple Mac for a spring-clean or health check simply contact us today. We will thoroughly check over your system and advise you of any recommendations we feel necessary. Here at Nexus we also offer Cloud Backup solutions for your home and business so you can rest assured that your fully backed up and your data is safe and secure. If you would like us to visit your premises to check over your system contact us on 01753 884700 to make an appointment.

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