5 of the Hottest IoT Wearables

It is estimated that within ten years, billions of smart devices from fridges to fitness bracelets will be connected to the internet. Powered by sensors and software which enable them to gather and analyse data, these objects are driving the newest internet revolution: the internet of things, or IoT. Perhaps some of the most useful IoT devices are the wearable ones, which are small, unobtrusive and have the ability to gather a large amount of data due to constant recording. Here are five of the hottest wearable IoT devices available right now:

1.Narrative Clip 2 Wearable Camera
Narrative Clip 2is a small wearable lifelogging camera that can be attached to your clothes, backpack or worn around your neck. Narrative Clip 2 automatically takes photos every 30 seconds, and its picture analysis software selects the most memorable ones and displays them in a photo stream. Narrative Clip 2 features USB, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, and can store up to 4000 photos and 80 minutes of video.

2.Peak Health Tracker
Peak is an advanced health tracker that can be worn on your wrist and monitors your heart rate using an optical blood flow engine. Peak also measures your body temperature, perspiration, total steps, and the number of calories you burn, helping you better optimize your workouts. Using your heart rate, Peak can monitor total sleep duration, REM sleep duration and tossing and turning events during sleep. Peak is equipped with a battery that can last up to 4 days.

Runscribe is a small device that can be attached to the back of your running shoes or to your shoe laces. It uses a sensor that measures speed, impact force, braking force, contact time, pronation excursion and pronation velocity. Runscribe uses all this data to create an incredibly complex 3D view of how you run, allowing you to optimise your training, prevent injury and choose the optimal running shoes. Runscribe is equipped with a battery that lasts up to 18 hours.

4.Oakley Airwave Snow Goggles
Oakley Airwave are smart snow goggles that display distance, vertical drop and speed on a heads-up display (HUD) screen located in the lower corner of the right eye. The goggles can be connected to a smartphone in order to control music and monitor calls, which can be done using a remote that is strapped to your arm. The Oakley Airwave goggles also let you track the position of other friends that are wearing the device.

5.Owlet Baby Monitor
Owlet is a wearable device that uses pulse oximetry to alert you if your baby stops breathing, giving you the much-needed peace of mind every parent needs. Pulse oximetry shines light through the skin and uses the amount of light reflected back to determine the heart rate and oxygen levels in the bloodstream. Owlet comes in the form of a smart sock and a station which can alert you even if the WiFi is down or your phone runs out of battery.

With the internet of things emerging as the next huge wave in technology, wearable devices are becoming more and more popular and available. From fitness and health trackers can use biometric sensors to monitor your heart rate levels, oxygen levels and temperature, to wearable cameras that can log your entire life, IoT devices have the ability to completely change the world we live in.

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