5 Easy Steps to Changing Broadband Providers without Service Interruptions, Extra Charges, or Headaches

Today we’re bringing you a guest blog from Kerry Butters who’s contributing on behalf of  www.broadbandgenie.co.uk, where you can find reviews on the big internet providers such as BT, Virgin Media and Sky Broadband 

Broadband ISP BuckinghamshireFor many people in the UK, you will no doubt at some point have been less than satisfied with your internet service provider (ISP). Perhaps the download speeds you are getting are nowhere near that which are advertised on the television? Maybe you think you’re being overcharged and just want to look elsewhere.

It could be that you think maybe it would be more cost effective to have your TV, Phone and internet all under one umbrella, thus saving you money and reducing the amount of bills you pay separately. Some ISPs, such as Sky Broadband, can give you a whole package that includes digital television, broadband and a phone line for a competitive price.

Either way, from time to time many will want to change internet providers and if it’s something you’re considering, then we have some tips for you before you start.

  • Look into the provider you plan on changing to: Whilst the ISP may be offering what seems like a great deal, look at what experiences others have had. Go on forums or speak with others that have used or currently use that provider and listen to what they have to say. If there is a lot of negative feedback or customers saying the speeds are nothing like advertised you may want to think again before changing. The important thing is to do this before taking any other action. Broadband comparison sites are also an excellent resource for this.
  • Check for a cancellation fee: Some providers may charge a cancellation fee. It’s important to establish this before changing, as you could get left with a large bill. It’s also good to look into this for your new provider, as if they then turn out to be a disappointment, you could be stuck with them for some time, or have to foot a large bill to get out.
  • Get the MAC code: The Migrations Authority Code (MAC) will be provided by your current ISP and given to your new ISP. This code is essential in making the change smoother and quicker. It’s important not to request the MAC code until the point when you are certain you want to change. The reason for this is that a MAC code is free, but the code itself only lasts 30 days. If you delay and then request a 2nd MAC code, you could be charged a fee. The MAC code must be provided within five working days so you shouldn’t be waiting too long.
  • Contact your new provider and give them the MAC code: Contact your new provider. ISPs are always keen to get new business, so you should find contacting them easy and that they are happy to take over and get it done as quickly as possible as it’s in their interests to get you up and running with them ASAP.
  • Do not cancel your current service: Once you have contacted your new provider and asked them to change, it’s not prudent to call your current provider and ask them to cancel. The reason being that they could cancel your service and if there are any delays to your new service switching on, you could be left without the internet for a period of time.

One thing you should remember is that there is no guarantee your ISP will be switched very quickly. Whilst your new company will do this as quickly as possible, not every aspect is in their control as much of the work is done by BT engineers. If you are patient and follow these simple tips, you should get it done as smoothly as can be expected.

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