5 of the best BBQ gadgets!

With barbecue season well and truly under way for those BBQ kings and queens it’s all about having the best tools for the job. Aside from having sizzling sausages and juicy burgers having the correct utensils is a must!

We’ve decided to list the top 5 BBQ gadgets to help you out this summer:

1. Weber iGrill 3 Genesis BBQ Thermometer £89.99

5 of the best BBQ gadgets

The Weber iGrill is an essential gadget. To check the temperature of your food you simply insert the probe into the item of food you wish to check, the thermometer then connects to the Weber iGrill app via Bluetooth which shows the temperature reading on your smartphone. With this handy gadget everyone can have peace of mind that their food is thoroughly cooked and ready to eat. Say goodbye to burnt burgers! Available to purchase from John Lewis.

2. Grillbot Automatic Grill Cleaning Robot (approx £100)

5 of the best BBQ gadgets

We all love a barbecue but dread the tedious chore of cleaning the grill afterwards. Thanks to this amazing invention by Grillbot you needn’t worry about barbecue cleaning ever again! Effortlessly place Grillbot onto the grill (ensuring your barbecue is below 250 degrees, not switched on and there is no open flame), then press the button to choose from a 10, 20 or 30 minute clean. Grillbot notifies you when cleaning is complete. The Grillbot brushes are detachable and dishwasher safe so you can have it cleaned and ready for the next use.

3. Personalised BBQ Branding Iron £32

5 of the best BBQ gadgets

Allow the BBQ king or queen to put a stamp on their work with a personalised barbecue iron which they’ll love! It contains all of the letters of the alphabet. Simply slot the letters into the frame, heat up the iron on the barbecue and press onto the meat to sear on the message. This is a must-have gift for any barbecue fanatic.

4. Portable Firebox Pizza Oven £84.99

5 of the best BBQ gadgets

Transform your barbecue into a pizza oven with this fantastic portable pizza gadget which can be used on either a gas or charcoal barbecue. This portable pizza oven rapidly cooks rustica style pizzas in approx 4 minutes. Create the perfect pizza for your family and friends. It doesn’t stop here, you can even bake fish, vegetables, and bread to name just a few!

5. Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron £17

5 of the best BBQ gadgets

This fun and quirky apron holds everything needed for the chief of the barbecue!

There’s plenty of compartments for barbecue utensils and sauces, furthermore the apron can hold up to 6 beverage cans and even comes with a handy built in bottle opener. The Grill Sergeant BBQ Apron is the perfect gift for anyone who loves getting involved with barbecue cooking. If you wanted to complete the look you could even top it off with a chef hat!

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