4 Simple Ways To Boost Your WiFi

Are you fed up with your home WiFi? Do you often have to wait ages for a web page to load, get annoyed at videos buffering on YouTube, perhaps certain rooms at home struggle to get any WiFi signal at all? If any of these instances sound familiar then you need to review your setup. Amending one or two things can make a huge difference.

We’ve listed a useful checklist detailing some possibilities behind what could be causing your slow WiFi network.

Find The Sweet Spot

Firstly, selecting the best position for your router is a key factor.

Height: Having your router as high up as possible extends the broadcasting range of the radio waves.

Obstruction: Ensure your router isn’t cluttered amongst other objects.

It’s best to place your router in the middle of your home if you want the WiFi to be accessible from more than one room.

If your premises is large or you have a weak router then WiFi boosters are recommended to boost the signal.

Electronic Devices & Materials

Materials like concrete and metal are known for blocking WiFi waves. If the signal from your router has to travel through one or two concrete walls to your computer in your study then your router is in the wrong location.

Check the router isn’t obstructed or near to electrical items such as a fridge, freezer or microwave. Microwaves operate at a similar frequency to the WiFi band and sometimes cause network interference.

Water absorbs radiowaves therefore avoid having your router next to a fish tank, washing machine or boiler.

Older Bluetooth devices were known to interfere with WiFi but in recent years manufacturers have applied certain systems to decrease the chances of interference.

Channel Interference

Your neighbour could be pinching your WiFi and you wouldn’t even know! If you live in a block of flats it’s likely there are many routers within close range of each other (imagine each flat has its own router) and therefore there may be problems with channels overlapping.

Select a good channel for your router. Modern routers can automatically choose channels for you however it can be best to investigate and find the channel yourself.

Christmas Lights

Some of us get carried away with decorating the house with Christmas lights at that festive time of the year but don’t be fooled by their twinkling beauty. Christmas lights and fairy lights emit an electromagnetic field which interfere with your WiFi.






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