4 Fun Ways To Help You Make Tricky Decisions

Do you spend ages struggling to choose the best course of action or sometimes feel like you’ve made the wrong decision altogether?

Last week, over 30 million people were tasked with making a tough decision when the UK had to choose between remaining a member of the European Union or leaving.

As we await the repercussions of that vote, we continue to grapple with hundreds of everyday dilemmas. Whilst personal judgement is critical when making life-changing decisions, why sweat the small stuff when an app can do all the hard work for you.

From the moment we get up, we deliberate over what to wear, what to eat for breakfast, whether to have tea or coffee, which shoes to pick, whether to take an umbrella or not. And this is before we have even left the house! It’s no wonder Twitter is awash with posts from people asking for help with everyday #DecisionsDecisions.

Some choices are easy, some made automatically without much deliberation. But others can be time-consuming and even annoying. Red or white wine? Chinese or Indian takeaway? Head to the gym or catch a movie? Go to bed or watch just one more episode?

Stop stressing and let technology provide a helping hand!

Magic 8 Ball app

The Magic 8 Ball app from Mattel, Inc. brings the familiar novelty game to the screen, revealing the answers to your most pressing Yes or No questions. Free to download on your phone and compatible with your Apple Watch, you can shake or tap to reveal your answer. Magic 8 Ball will return one of 20 classic answers from the original toy including the definitive, “It is certain,” to the unfortunate, “Don’t count on it.” The app also allows you to share funny or eerily accurate questions and answers with your family and friends via Facebook.

choice map app

ChoiceMap is a free ranking app for iOS that lets you compare options based on what you care about. The programme will determine which choice best meets your needs through a series of ratings, prices, distances, numbers and filters. With a set of ready-made decks to choose from or the ability to build your own, this app can guide you through even the most complex decisions such as which job offer to accept, how many children to have or which city to move to. A sort of Top Trumps for the indecisive, this app requires some investment to get the best from it but it might just help you see things a little clearer.

Choice Compass app

We often hear it said that it’s better to listen to your heart rather than your head and the makers of Choice Compass agree. This app uses your device’s camera to detect changes in your heart rhythm and evaluates which choice brings you most joy. For £2.99, this scientifically tested decision-making app claims to provide a link to your subconscious by using results of physiological research. It shows that a more rhythmic heart activity is linked to a state of bliss, therefore the app will present you with the decision you favour more positively. By typing in two short choices for the question you are trying to answer, you then get a 5 second countdown as the app literally “listens to your heart” while you think about the decision. The gender specific algorithm then presents you with the result.

iHandy coin flip app

But what if you just want to get back to basics and simply flip for it? iHandy Coin Flip is free on iOS or Android and does exactly what it says on the tin but without the need for an actual coin. For a fun and easy way to make decisions, simply select your coin type from across the world and the gesture you want to use to flip it. You can tap, double tap the screen, flip your phone upwards just like a real coin or shake it to make the coin spin.

Now all you need to do is decide which app to download!

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