3 Ways to Watch the UK Olympics Online

One of the benefits technology has gifted us with, is the ability to watch the Olympics on our PC, tablets or smart phones. If you own a laptop, phone or tablet, there is the added benefit of portability. Converting your PC into a TV can seem intimidating for ordinary people, with all the talk about TV tuners and graphics cards. In addition, hacking into premium paid channel signals is illegal and may bring the police knocking down your door. However, these three options will show you how to get TV on your computer, iDevices or laptop without breaking any laws or breaking a sweat.

Watch the Olympics online without ”PC on TV” software or PC TV Cards

The quickest way to watch the Olympics Online on your PC is to visit http://tvcatchup.com/ And watch on BBC One.

TV Catchup also have an app for the iPhone and iPad. Get it here.

You will need to register an account online and be based in the UK. This is completely free and allows your computer to watch the Olympics live Online.

How to watch the Olympics on BBC iPlayer

The Olympics is available online via the BBC iPlayer website http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/olympics/2012/live-video. In order to watch this you will need to download the latest version of Adobe Flash Player.

Watch the Olympics abroad from the UK

Now here is the tricky bit. Many UK based TV streaming services are locked to UK broadband/Fibre IP Addresses. However there is a way to watch all of the above from your second home or hotel. All you need is a UK broadband line and a VPN capable router to make a connection via your home internet.

Once configured you can sit back and relax, watching all of your favourite sports from anywhere in the world on your PC, iPhone or iPad!

Setting up a VPN is not that simple to do but many brands of router offer a support line which should be able to talk you through the configuration.

The Grand Opening Ceremony for the Olympics commences this evening at 7.00pm UK time. Tune into BBC One to get the live coverage.

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