3 Quick steps to get your data back after 123-Reg data loss

123-Reg is thought to have accidentally deleted the data for many of its customers websites.

Some users who have backed up their data via 123-Reg are unable to recover and are sharing their frustrations online. Some companies have been down since Saturday resulting in loss of business and one law firm is currently examining the 123-Reg terms of contract and preparing a report for possible legal action.

What happened?

On Saturday 16th April 2016 some users that were under a contract had their VPS (Virtual Private Server) data deleted in error due to a fault in a script.

How to get your data back using the Wayback machine website:


The Wayback machine is an Internet archive website that works similarly to the way Google crawls the internet looking and reading websites to gather data.


The great benefit about the Wayback machine is that it will store versions of your website throughout its online life.

Wayback Search Data RecoveryStep 1 – Go to www.archive.org and type your website address into the box located right at the top of the page which starts with http://www. Type your website address and press enter

Step 2 – Select a date on the Wayback machine that shows their most recent archive of your site (hopefully something displays)

How to recover 123-reg VPS website data




If you get a message which says “Hrm. Wayback Machine doesn’t have that page archived” then unfortunately this guide won’t work for you 🙁

Step 3 – Get to work copying and pasting!! You should be able to recover the majority of your images and content however you will need to build a new website to hold this data.

Although the perception of the cloud is that your data will be safe, it is always recommended to have a backup of your data held off site regardless of the situation.

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