3 Free Valentine’s Day Apps


Love heart

It’s the most romantic day of the year! In an age where technology has taken over, why not show that special someone how much you love them with these 3 free Valentine’s Day Apps?

 Love Booth

We’ve all heard of the likes of FatBooth and OldBooth – you take a photo of yourself and transform your face for comedic effect. With Love Booth, you can send your loved one a picture of you dressed in a funny outfit, dancing like a fool.

Love Booth App

You can even add text, for that little extra romantic touch. The app comes with a set song to dance to, but allows you to use your own music. The only downside is the fact that there’s a permanent advert at the top.

Love Booth App



This app is simple – create a cute ‘I heart ____’ logo in a matter of seconds and send it to the one you love.

iLove App Nexus

You can customize the colour scheme and font to suit you, too! Easy!

iLove App


Love Quotes*

If you’re stuck for the right words on Valentine’s Day, don’t worry – Love Quotes* has you covered. Scroll through and vote on a collection of quotes on love, or search through a variety of categories at your leisure. Click ‘Save’ to add quotes to your Favorites and use them to tell the one you love how you feel!

Love Quotes App


Have a good Valentine’s Day, everyone! Let us know what you think of the apps!

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