3 Advantages of Using Next-Generation Firewalls

Cyber attacks continue to grow in complexity and pose significant threats to small business owners. Many types of malware bypass traditional firewalls and can create significant problems for your company. However, the use of next-generation firewalls is an excellent investment to keep your company well-protected against the ever increasing number of cyber threats in the workplace. A next-generation firewall uses advanced technology to perform a deep-packet inspection while also having the capability to identify and white-list applications that are safe for your business.

Here are three of the main benefits of using a next-generation firewall in today’s digital work environment.

Advanced Threat Protection

The world of technology continues to advance quickly, and it is essential for businesses to remain one step ahead of cyber attacks in the workplace. Traditional firewalls are not able to keep up with the constant changes in the tech industry and pose significant risks for your company. However, a next-generation firewall includes the latest anti-virus and malware protection that is automatically upgraded whenever new threats are detected. It will also automatically scan each application for any potential vulnerabilities to ensure that your network remains safe and secure.

Highly Versatile

A next-generation firewall offers advanced protection and is highly versatile compared to a traditional firewall system. The utilisation of an intrusion protection system (IPS) and an integrated intrusion detection system (IDS) gives a next-generation firewall the versatility to defend your entire computer system by detecting any abnormal activity. These additional layers of security give your company much-needed protection against the ever-evolving number of cyber threats that businesses face each day.

Ease of Access

The use of a traditional firewall requires numerous security applications to protect against various cyber threats. However, a next-generation firewall gives your business the ultimate protection against cybercriminals by integrating anti-virus protection, application management, and spam filtering in one area for your entire network. The streamlined infrastructure makes it much easier for your IT team to manage your network and quickly identify any potential cybersecurity threats before they cause widespread problems for your company.


Focusing on cybersecurity is critical for small business owners to avoid data breaches and many hours of downtime. Investing in a next-generation firewall gives your organisation much-needed protection against the wide range of threats in the workplace. The proactive IT security system of advanced threat protection will keep your business from becoming the next victim of cybercriminals, while the versatility of a next-generation firewall makes it easy for your IT team to monitor your entire computer network. Cyber attacks will only continue to cause significant problems in the workplace, and access to the most advanced technology is essential in keeping your company protected at all times.

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