22 Handy Shortcut Keys For Microsoft Windows 10

If your job relies heavily on using Windows, shortcut keys can really help increase productivity. Home users can also benefit by spending less time searching through new and unfamiliar software. But whilst most of us are happy to take a shortcut, nobody likes to get lost along the way.

Given that Microsoft’s latest operating system is now nearly a year old, chances are your new PC or laptop will come installed with Windows 10 which offers some great new keyboard shortcuts worth taking, alongside some familiar favourites of the Nexus IT support team.

So, if you are a newcomer to PC world or have recently upgraded your Windows OS and want to abandon the mouse or pad in favour of a quick fix, we’ve listed some of the most useful shortcuts to help get you where you want to be.

Windows 10 Keyboard



Windows Logo Key + L

Lock your PC or switch accounts

Windows Logo Key + D 

Display and hide the desktop

Windows Logo Key + S 

Open search

Windows Logo Key + Tab 

Open and close Task view to see running applications

Windows Logo Key (or Ctrl + Esc)

Open Start

Windows Logo Key + K 

Connect to wireless displays and audio devices

Windows Logo Key + E

Open Windows Explorer

Windows Logo Key + I

Open Windows 10 settings

Windows Logo Key + Any Number Key

Open the application pinned to the taskbar in the numbered position
(e.g. Windows + 4 launches the app listed fourth on your taskbar)

Windows Logo Key + PrtScr

Take a screenshot saved to your Pictures folder

Windows Logo Key + plus

Zoom in using the Magnifier utility

Windows Logo Key + minus

Zoom out using the Magnifier utility

Alt + Tab

Switch to your previous open window (hold down Alt while tapping Tab
to scroll through active windows)

Alt + F4

Close the active window

Ctrl + F4 

Close the active document

Ctrl + A 

Select all items in a document or window

Ctrl + C 

Copy the selected item

Ctrl + X 

Cut the selected item

Ctrl + V 

Paste the selected item

Ctrl + Z 

Undo an action

Ctrl + D (or Delete) 

Delete the selected item and move it to the Recycle Bin

Ctrl + Shift + Esc

Open the Windows 10 Task Manager

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