20 Funny Secret Santa Gifts Under £5

You can spend hours searching online for the best secret santa gifts, or you could simplify things and check out a list showing the top picks.

When participating in secret santa there is usually a budget you’re told to stick to and this can certainly make things tricky when it’s £5!

Here are 10 of the best secret santa gifts under or very close to £5:

If you know someone who loves pulling silly faces or simply sees themselves as the joker of the group then they’ll have some fun with these festive face mats!

Festive Face Mats (£3.99)

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Bacon Candy (£5.25)

Buy bacon popping candy for the adventurous! Who doesn’t love candy? This will certainly uplift those taste buds.

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Gin & Tonic Lip Balm (£4.25)

Know someone who loves gin? Treat them to this gin and tonic flavoured lip balm. They won’t be able to thank you enough.

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Most Amazing YouTube Videos (£4.99)

Lovers of the internet can keep themselves entertained for hours on end with this book about the most amazing YouTube videos ever!

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The Facebook Diet Book 

We all know somebody who is glued to Facebook. Some spend hours a day updating their online statuses and checking to see what everyone else is up to. This book is a must-buy for anyone Facebook obsessed.

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Novelty Sticky Notes (£4.38)

Get brief shaped notes for that person who’s always super organised!

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Emergency Portable Power Bank

Emergency portable power banks are the gift that just keeps giving! Help your secret santa recipient put an end to constantly running out of phone juice.

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Sandal Socks (£5.46)

These funny sandal socks will add some humour. Perfect for someone with or without good fashion sense!

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Giant Plaster Memo Pad (£3.39)

We all know someone who’s accident-prone. Check out these memo pad plasters!

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Funny Wine Glass (£4.55)

The perfect gift for any wine lover. A keepsake glass which they can enjoy time and time again.

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Shot Roulette Drinking Game (£5.90)

Get the party started with this roulette drinking game. Will it be black or red? Make the game more adventurous by filling the shot glasses with different shots.

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Funny ‘Grow Your Own’ Novelty Gifts

The Grown Your Own range has an assortment of funny novelty gifts, from grow your own boyfriend, and grow a new boss to grow your own head of hair!

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Ladybird Books For Adults

Ladybird has created a range of books for grown ups. Take a look, you’re bound to find a suitable one for the person you’re buying for.

the husband ladybird book the sickie ladybird book the meeting ladybird book



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Grumpy Old Git Mints (£2.29)

Get these grumpy old git mints for that someone who could do with cheering up! Hopefully they’ll see the funny side to this gift.

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Christmas Turkey Hat (£6)

This turkey hat will bring a lot of laughter around the table on Christmas day!

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Swear Word Colouring In Book (£6.32)

Who said colouring books were just for children? This book contains swear words for you to colour in and help you relax. Just make sure the kids don’t get their hands on this!

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USB Mug Warmer (£10)

An ideal gift for anyone who loves hot drinks. This extremely handy cup warmer can be plugged straight into your laptop and you’ll never need to worry about your cup of tea going cold again.

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Tech Touch Gloves (£7.99)

These fantastic tech gloves allow you to keep your hands warm whilst using your phone. No longer will you need to remove your gloves when sending a text or making a phone call. The perfect gift for those chilly winter days!

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Foldable Pumps (£6.49)

A must-have necessity for every girl’s handbag! Never again will you need to remove your heels mid-evening and walk barefoot. Carry these foldable and extremely portable pumps in your bag for those long nights out!

foldable pumps


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