Laptop Repair in Seer Green

Butter fingers! We’ve all done it – let our laptop slip through our fingers or knocked it off a table, sending it crashing to the floor. Now the screen is broken or the laptop simply won’t turn on.

Don’t panic. The Nexus IT Repair team have seen it all before which is why we’re confident we can have your laptop looking like new in no time.

Local support when you need it the most

Originally established in Seer Green many years ago, we relocated to the neighbouring town of Gerrards Cross as the business expanded but we never forget our roots.
If you are based in Seer Green and your laptop needs repairing, we’ll happily pop over and pick it up for free. With our experienced repair team just down the road, your laptop will be in safe hands.

Laptop Hardware and Software Repair

Whether you’re a Dell laptop user or MacBook fan, we’ve got it covered. Our friendly and fully-trained IT technicians have years’ of experience repairing a wide variety of leading laptop and computer brands.

Hardware issues such as damaged screens, faulty keyboards or defective trackpads can be easily repaired or replaced, so your laptop will look great again. Need more memory or extra RAM to help speed things up? No problem, we will install the right piece of hardware for the job.

Is your private data under attack from a virus or have you accidentally deleted something you shouldn’t have? Or, worse still, you’ve faced the Blue Screen of Death and given up all hope that your laptop will ever recover. It’s ok – we use a range of techniques to get things back on track.

Even if your trusty laptop just isn’t performing the way you want it to and you need an expert to take a look, our IT Team can troubleshoot any hardware or software fault and recommend ways to prevent them occurring again in the future.

Call us today for all your laptop repair needs

Our repair service is backed by hundreds of satisfied customers in and around Seer Green and we pride ourselves on providing efficient and affordable solutions for all faulty laptops or computers.

We have given our commitment to trading fairly so our customers are guaranteed to receive an honest and transparent service at all times, meaning you never have to worry the next time an accident happens.

When your laptop needs a major repair or your computer could do with a tune-up, call the Nexus IT team and let us help make things better.

Nexus – Local Solutions, Total Solutions.