PC and Laptop Repairs in Marlow

Gone are the days of having a local computer repair shop you could easily pop in to whenever your PC or laptop broke. More often than not, we now sacrifice our precious time on lengthy support calls only to get nowhere fast.

Sometimes frustration levels can reach boiling point and we say farewell to years worth of data we forgot to back up. Reluctantly we dip into our savings, replacing our familiar but faulty device with a shiny new model.

It’s fair to say that the Nexus IT team likes to embrace new technology with open arms but we also love repairing hardware or software problems whenever possible. Helping to restore a PC or laptop to its former glory makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside and, more importantly, saves you time and money!

Nexus IT has built up an enviable reputation in the local area as the ‘go-to’ repair team for all makes of computers. Desktops, laptops, Macs or PCs – our Marlow customers know who to call for quick and reliable software or hardware repair advice across all major brands.

PC and Laptop Hardware Repair

Desktop devices as well as portable ones are subjected to all manner of bumps and scrapes over time, some of which can seriously compromise performance. Loose internal wires or faulty power cables might prevent your computer from starting. Whirring fans or other noises can signal a hardware malfunction or failing hard drive.

Whatever the problem, our on-site Technicians will be able to diagnose the fault. With decades of IT experience between them, they will locate the issue and provide a solution so your machine will be as good as new in no time.

More apparent faults such as a broken screen, damaged keyboard or dead battery can easily be resolved too. We have access to hundreds of replacement parts at affordable prices and will happily fit and check the device is running correctly before returning it to you.

Computer Software Repair

Some software issues can be easily resolved by following simple troubleshooting steps but there might be times when a virus has caused unexplainable errors or your computer is running so slow, you’ve almost lost the will to live.

If you face the Blue Screen of Death, let our expert IT technicians get to work and save your precious files from extinction. We have various tools at our disposal to retrieve lost data or speed up sluggish operating systems and can also make recommendations on how to ensure your PC is more robust.

Sometimes your usually reliable PC just needs a bit of a tune-up to get it back to its old self again. Much like a car, your computer will benefit from undergoing regular maintenance which Nexus is happy to carry out on your behalf. System upgrades, data back-ups and installing anti-spyware tools can all help boost the performance of your laptop or PC and reduce the risk of fatal errors occurring in the future.
Better still, if you are based in Marlow we’re happy to come and pick up your faulty computer for free.
Alternatively, our offices are easy to find in Gerrards Cross town centre, so you can drop in and chat to a member of our team anytime.

Call the Nexus IT Support and Repair service today to find out more.

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