Apple Mac Repair Maidenhead

There’s nothing glamorous about owning an Apple device that is broken or won’t perform properly. Renowned for its sleek design, elegantly fitted parts and envious software capability, your Apple Mac demands the same aftercare and attention as when it was first made.
This is why our Support Professionals make it their mission to repair any software or hardware fault, across a wide range of Apple products, restoring like new.

We hate to hear about a sad Mac owner, especially one so close to Nexus HQ. We’re just a short drive from Maidenhead so it’s easy to stop by and let one of our technicians fix the problem.
Reputable and reliable, the Nexus IT repair team are experts on all things Apple – whatever the problem, whatever device, we’ll take a look.

Apple Mac Hardware Repair

A cracked screen, damaged trackpad, hard disk error or logic board failure can all seriously compromise the performance of your favourite Apple device, sometimes even rendering it unusable.
But don’t worry, out of warranty repairs are our speciality. We can source replacement parts in a flash and fit them on-site, returning your Apple Mac in pristine condition.

Simply bring your broken or damaged Apple device to our offices in Gerrards Cross and a member of our friendly repair team will take a look, discuss the repair options with you and quote the best price to have your machine back up and running quickly.

Apple Mac Software Repair

Even if you can’t explain why your Apple device just isn’t performing the way you know it should, our technicians have access to all the latest software fixes and upgrades.

If your Apple Mac is running slow or frequently displays error messages, we can run diagnostic testing and perform troubleshooting procedures to get to the root of the problem.

It may be a virus attack or some other unexplained error that has wiped important data or now prevents you from accessing files on your machine. Don’t panic, we have methods of recovering information that you fear may be lost forever. Just give us a call and explain the problem – we’re happy to help.

Whether you’re looking to add more power, install new software or upgrade the operating system, our software professionals are on-hand to help.

Nexus is well-established in the Home Counties region and our team have an excellent reputation for resolving Apple Mac software issues for hundreds of satisfied customers in and around Maidenhead.

For all your Apple Mac repair requirements call Nexus IT today.

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