PC and Laptop Repairs in London

For many people based in and around London, their laptop or computer provides a vital link to both their professional and private world. Often used in tandem with their tablet or smartphone for when they’re on the go, their PC or laptop is still relied on to perform a range of tasks. But living in a digital world means we demand a lot from our computer so it is inevitable things will go wrong.

You lead a busy life so if your PC or laptop suddenly breaks or starts doing things it shouldn’t, the last thing you need is the hassle of having to find somewhere reliable to get it fixed.

If you already commute out of the City each day, many of our London-based customers find it easy to stop by our offices and simply let our experts sort it all out.
We’re actually closer to London than you may think. The Nexus IT office is conveniently located in the heart of Gerrards Cross, less than 20 minutes from Marylebone on the Chiltern train line. This means you can leave your PC or laptop with us in the morning and simply collect it once repaired.
Desktops, laptops, Macs or PCs – we work with all computers, across all major brands and have helped restore hundreds of machines to their former glory over the years.

PC and Laptop Hardware Repair

Most hardware repairs can be performed quickly and easily by one of our on-site IT technicians – a broken screen, faulty keyboard or dead battery can soon be replaced so your computer runs like new.

For less obvious faults, such as overheating or strange noises, our Support Technicians have many tricks of the trade at their disposal for diagnosing the problem and providing a cost-effective solution.

PC and Laptop Software Repair

We’re also well-versed in all manner of software repairs, upgrades or installations. We can remove viruses, spyware and malware from your PC or laptop, ensuring it is fully operational again. In addition to detecting and removing viruses, we can configure your computer to combat further attacks so you needn’t worry in the future.
For sluggish computers, the Nexus team provide a range of solutions to help speed things up. You might need to upgrade the operating system or RAM to deliver faster performance. There are lots of ways we can tune-up your computer without you having to invest in a new one and we source the latest software at really competitive prices.

Even seemingly small problems can have a massive impact. Losing or accidentally deleting important data can be devastating but it’s not the end of the world. The Nexus computer repair team are experienced in data recovery, deploying a number of methods for retrieving files and will suggest an effective backup solution to ensure it never happens again.

We are a friendly team and have amassed lots of happy customers in and around London, so you can rest assured your computer is in good hands. We provide an unparalleled PC and laptop repair service, only recommending what’s necessary for your machine and we will always give you an estimate of the repair cost before starting.

We’re always happy to help so the next time your computer or laptop needs some expert attention, call the Nexus IT Support and Repair service.

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