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When You Need Web Design in Iver, Local Is Best

There are two approaches if you want to find web design in Ivor or Ivor Heath. The first is to look for someone online – which means you have virtually the whole world to choose from. The second is to opt for an experienced local company.

Not surprisingly, we favour the latter!

But seriously, this is one of those times when local is still your best option. Compare the problems of finding someone online and verifying their ability (and reliability) with the ease of using someone just 15 minutes away. Modern communications can be brilliant, but would you rather be trying to explain what you need over hundreds – even thousands – of miles, or over a cup of coffee?


No, not Pinewood, Nexus. OK, our design studios might not be quite as famous as your neighbour’s, but like them, we have built an enviable reputation for creativity. We’d be delighted to give you a private screening to show you our work!

Visual impact is vital, of course. It’s how you capture your potential customer’s attention. But it’s only part of a successful internet presence. Developing effective web design in Iver, or anywhere else for that matter, also means focusing on specific goals. It means discussing targets with you and building solutions that deliver the response you need from your website visitors.

So functionality is also key. As is SEO. Having a website that doesn’t take into account the demands of the search engines is a bit like waving at someone in a dark room – you know you’re doing it, but nobody else does!

Then there’s social media. It’s not just a question of being out there doing things, you need to be doing the right things. You don’t want to be spending hours in one place, when ten minutes somewhere else can have greater impact.


At Nexus we can provide a full service for web design in Iver, from initial design and graphics to complex e-commerce and CRM installations. Or we can just sit down with you for an hour and talk through possibilities. The point we’re making is that we’re happy to work with you at whatever level you need. We can provide you with economical web hosting. We can create content that pulls in both search engines and “real” people. We can manage you social media to help you build brand awareness.

We might spend much of our time at the cutting edge of internet developments, but we know those skills only have value when used to deliver cost-effective web sites and support services that serve the needs of local businesses.

So why not give us a call.

Nexus – Local Solutions, Total Solutions.